Wednesday, December 31, 2014


   I got my first mean comment on my Youtube channel ever today with someone calling me happened..........

New Year's Eveeee

Heeeeeeeeeey there.  Sorry about all the delays recently everyone!  A lot has happened over the past few days, so my posts are a bit backlogged.  With the start of the new year, I hope to catch back up!  Tomorrow, I'll start the year off fresh with a fun new post and then soon after a new Rant Time and that Disney Villains segment I promised!  I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and I'll see you all tomorrow!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lea and Friends Open Packs: Part 6 and December "Anniversary" Loot Crate Opening

 Without Seth, we open some discounted Phantom Forces and a Furious Fist packs!

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Another fabulous Loot Crate!  Happy Holidays!!

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lea and Friends Open Cards: Part 4 and 5

Dead to me (Part 4-Blastoise EX Tin)

We crack open a Blastoise EX Tin!

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(Obviously, these were from months ago before I broke my arm)

6 and up! (Part 5-Elite Box) 

We crack open a fabulous Mega Lucario Elite Box with Seth!  Remember, 6+

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(Obviously, these were from months ago before I broke my arm)
I do not own Nintendo or Pokemon and the images used in the video.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shigeru Miyamoto--A Christmas Miracle

    Can we all take a few minutes to appreciate Shigeru Miyamoto?  For the same reasons I love Disney, I love Miyamoto.  In all his appearances, he is cheerful and happy and looks like he absolutely adores his work.  E3 is never boring or awkward when Miyamoto is on stage.  He's willing to make guest appearances on Youtube channels like Nerdy Nummies and just sit and play the video games he has created or inspired with his adoring fans.  Perhaps in a way, I like to think of him as a modern Walt Disney in terms of their iconic and inspiring creations that some think are childish and silly, but some of us will never grow past because of a sort of whimsy and joy the movies and the games bring us.  The two even shared inspirations, with Miyamoto siting the tale of "Beauty and the Beast" as his inspiration for Donkey Kong and some people believe he used Peter Pan as an influence for Link.  (Mmmmmm Link....)

     Nintendo games are like a trip to Disney in a box at home--they have a sort of magic to them.  They have a soul and a personality and one thing I love is that "Miyamoto, and Nintendo as a whole, do not use focus groups. Instead, Miyamoto figures out if a game is fun for himself. He says that if he enjoys it, others will too."  And the best part is, he's right.  Nintendo games have made me shell out my allowance since the ripe old age of 3 or 4 when I had my Gameboy Color and soon after my continuing line of Nintendo products.  In the case of my favorite series, Assassin's Creed, I was more willing to complete Hyrule Warriors and now smash before even finishing last years entry.  As you all know, I adore AC, but as soon as I see a Nintendo game, I gravitate towards it.  Even really weird and obscure games like Tomodachi Life.  

     This isn't to say I don't adore other consoles and games, but the magic behind a Nintendo consoles that stems from people with big imaginations.  Now, yes it is true that people see Mario as their "cash cow" as they make more and more of "the same" game, but the thing is, people keep buying them!  People buy the games because they are simple, pure fun.  And, if Nintendo tries to do something new, stuff like this happens.  People want more Mario games and to be honest, the games are getting more gorgeous.  If you don't like Mario games, there are Zelda games which I personally prefer, since I am a story driven person.  I personally can't wait for the new Wii U game, and I hope it is as awesome as well all hope.  Plus, as of Starfox, as you all know I missed out on the early generations of gaming and I've NEVER played a Starfox game in my life (aside from playing as Falco in Smash Bros sometimes), so I hope it'll be fun!  I was a skeptic of Tomodachi Life, but it turned out to be great fun, so I hope some of the more strange and new Nintendo games get the appreciation they deserve.

       I did go off on a tangent, but in short, thanks Shigeru, for always putting that smile of yours on the faces of gamers all across the world.  You make Christmas an adventure every year and you elate your fans with your enthusiasm.  The world needs more passionate, happy people like Miyamoto.  (And also thanks to his fantastic translator, Bill Trinen, who puts up with all of Miyamoto's...ness XD)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas from Lombego Island! *UPDATED*

Me and Z
   Earlier in the year, I bought Tomodachi Life, a really strange and quirky game for the 3DS.  I've been checking in on the game often and I really enjoy it.  The game allows you to create yourself and your friends in the game!  I of course, created myself and Jeremy Z Marlow as well as Jaimi.  I've been tempted before to post some screenshots of this game including weddings and weird events, but there are just so many!  I have a total of 5 couples as seen below (except for 1 because the pictures are weird and cap out at 9 people) and a ton of other islanders.  However, my islanders wish to say a happy holidays to you!  Also, Pikachu's eyes are under her hat...

*UPDATE:*  Also, on a sidenote, ever since a trip to Disney with my family in 6th grade I think, I have thought the world Lombego is the funniest thing ever and have thus named all my Animal Crossing towns and now my Tomodachi Life island "Lombego."  I'm weird.

Voltorb, Pikachu, Jaimi, Z, Hato, Me, Kawaii, and Colbeh
Santas in front
Elves up front

Lea and Friends Open Cards Part 2 and 3

Seth gets to open his Legendary Treasures packs with a little help from us!  Many more to come!

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(Obviously, these were from months ago before I broke my arm)



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(Obviously, these were from months ago before I broke my arm)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Rant Time: Snow

   Snow.  A year ago, you would have rejoiced at the thought of winter and the falling flakes that pile in front of you.  This year however, things have changed.  You trudge through the thick sludge in a barely warm enough cloak, your sword dangling in its sheath, nearly scraping against the white mounds of salt.   Your cheeks have turned red and your lips crack like shattered ice over a lake.  Silence.  Only the sound of your own breathing.  Your breath puffs in front of you like the smoke out of a dragon's nostril.  The crunch like cracking bone under your feet.  Your recently wounded body slumping forth, your arm cradled close against your chest as your sturdy leg drags the second like a reanimated corpse.  Snow was once your happiest thought, falling to the tune of carols and merry people's cheers in the town square.  But this year is different.

    Your fellowship has faded like snow in spring.  As the blinding white reflection of the frozen wasteland glares in your eyes, you're forced to remember years gone by.  Grand parties over warm meals of meat and ale, exchanging gifts with close companions, warmed by the smooth red flames of the fire with the slight snapping of embers under the happy voices of a home.  Time.  Everyone says time.  Time mends wounds and pains and tortures, but time is ahead.  Time will never come.

    One companion gathering their things for an endless voyage half way across the world under a new banner, another preparing to sail the salted seas for King and country, another, your closest, disappears into the flurries silent as the night, another, gone with her studies.  All that connects you are thin strings, small lines of silver thread tying you to them through all the journeys.  Some threads have been cut.  Snipped.  Lost in the snow.  The silver shreds shift into invisibility as you walk, lost.  You still feel them, you still try to tug at them to make sure they are still there, but sight is lost.  You try to trudge forward through the thick freeze sticking your stiff steel to the thick, wet soil.  Suddenly, you snag.  You fall.

    You're enveloped by ice. Snow. Steel.  Silence.  Yourself. The threads go still.  Everything is still and even the snow itself seems to stop salting the earth as you hit the layer of powder.  Your mind begins to wander.  Perhaps you should just let yourself be encased, escape into the cold embrace of the endless rain.  Why stand?  Why trudge on to see your companions, knowing that this year will be the last?  The sky grows dark and any attempt to see is useless, leading only to stumbling for sight.  Your extremities begin to numb and you close your eyes.  Why move on when all is lost in endless futility?  Your mind wanders to the Bard.  The Rouge.  All pains of the past piling onto you, thought by thought, flake by flake, pushing down onto the wound on your back, your arm, your leg, your neck.  All your body is broken and your will wavers.  You roll over with an exasperated huff, opening your blood-shot eyes, to stare up into the dark sky, the falling flecks like stars--falling...more like flying.  Your falling.  Deeper into the crust as you fly to the sky.  Up is down, down is up.  Falling is flying.



     A small tug jerks your eyes open, your eyelashes crusted with sweet dew-like frost.  A tug again.  They wonder where you are.  They worry.  They tug again more sharply.  You try to rustle the energy to rise again, the pain in your wounds lost in numbness.  On your feet.  Onward.  Forward.  A step at a time, forward.





Lea and Friends Open Cards: Part 1

I open my two Furious Fist Blister Packs with Seth and Jaimi!  Many more to come!

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(Obviously, these were from months ago before I broke my arm)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Can I Just Say Something?

   I want to thank all of my readers for being here for me through thick and thin.  Sure...maybe people aren't really reading my content, but in the times when I most want to cry, I always open my blogger tab and see the 5 or 6 or 10 or 20 views on my blog and I feel comforted and a little happy even in my darkest times.  I know, you guys are probably sick of these sort of vague and weird thanks, but I want you to know you are making my life a little better everyday and in return, I will try my best to get videos and posts up as frequently as I can manage.  Thank you guys <3

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lots of Videos this way Comes!

  Tonight I hope to upload a bunch of videos to my channel so that I can try to release 1 everyday till Christmas or Christmas eve to tide you over until some more long posts are done!!!  <3  Love you all dear readers

Saturday, December 6, 2014

November "Fight" Loot Crate

Jaimi and Chris help me open the November "Fight" Loot Crate!!  To find out exactly what happened to my arm, check out this post:

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Adventures with Lea #7: My First Broken Bone

  As a kid, a lot of my friends would break bones doing gymnastics or sports etc.  The one I remember most was Nick's younger brother, who I think was named Isaac, who broke an arm in 1st or 2nd grade and became ambidextrous because of it.  Over the years, I've developed a false sense of safety thinking I could never and would never break something.  Hubris.  Hubris killed me.

I'm pretty sure the card was a Chansey...The nurse Pokemon...
   While visiting my cousins in Colorado for Thanksgiving, I was having a fine time until fate decided to smack me upside the head with humility.  On Saturday, as I went to the basement to gather my things--specifically my Wii U--I was being careful to avoid the mattress in front of the TV.  I was not able to see a deadly stack of Pokemon cards just past the corner of the mattress and slipped.  I guess I put my arm under me in a few moments to break my fall and my phone landed right in front of my face.  In inexplicable tears, I called my mother who rushed downstairs with the cavalry.  The family helped me upstairs where I discovered my left arm was in immense pain.  I usually don't get physically hurt, and when I do I'm pretty good at shaking it off, so when my mother saw my apparently pale face, she decided I needed to go the the hospital.   

    We wrapped my arm in an ace bandage after testing if touching anywhere on my arm hurt, which it didn't.  We got an icepack and loaded me into the front seat with a fluffy blanket to give my arm leverage.  20 minutes later, we strolled into the front and gave my name, birth date, etc.  Without having to sit, I was ushered behind the desk to answer a few questions and have my blood pressure taken etc.  Immediately after, I was taken to a room where the doctors commended us on how well we handled the problem with ice and aleve.  My family and I realized that back home, I'd still be in the waiting room, most likely for an hour.  The doctors came in and asked all about what happened and I carefully explained.  I was taken off to X-rays, immediately given 3, and swiftly returned to my room where the nurses had already prepared medicine for me to ease the pain.

     A while later, we discovered I had a slender break on the radial head-a fancy way of saying I broke the part of my radius bone in my elbow and that means rotating my arm would hurt like Hades.  My arm was wrapped in cotton and then a bandage with a large foamy thing to hold my arm in place and I was given a splint.  Apparently, by not putting it in a cast, it allowed the arm time to swell up.  Fabulous, my arm=a marshmallow in a microwave.  After a few more tips on what to do next, I was ushered out.  I spent a total of an hour and a half there and 20 minutes driving there each way.  The next day was a 10 hour drive home.  

        On the way up, I had been in the very back seats of my mother's Pilot, crunched up like an old tissue.  On the way back home, I was given the passenger seat.  Sadly, I had to stop at nearly every town to get out and walk since I felt like puking the whole ride.  Then, on Monday, I had to go to the doctor in town to get a cast EXCEPT they decided I didn't need a cast because that could cause my elbow to lock up and never move properly again.  Instead, I have to just hold my arm in the sling and INTENTIONALLY move my arm and cause myself pain.  Ow.   At least all the cats in my house and at my cousin's gave me love since they could tell I was sick. So, what do I think of the whole thing?  It's bad but it could have been way worse.  I'm lucky I didn't hurt my wrist or have any other breaks and although being without a cast hurts more, I don't have to cover my arm with a bag to shower and I can get into clothes mostly easily albeit slowly.  So, onto....

Lea's Tips:   
  1. If you get hurt, don't assume nothing is wrong.
    1. I didn't think I'd need to go to the hospital since I was in shock, but try waiting a few minutes and icing where it hurts before you decide whether or not to go.  
  2. See what you can do before you go to the hospital
    1. My family is very used to people being injured and has a pretty spot on sense of what to do in each situation.  If you are not o well versed, we live in the internet age!
      1. Try googling what you think might be wrong or calling family you think has experience
      2. I'd say it's usually a safe bet to try ice and advil/ibuprofen.  
  3. Relax
    1. Try not to panic, since freaking out can actually cause you more pain.  If you have family or friends around, let them do the driving.  Listen to music, play apps on an iphone/tablet, or just do anything to keep your mind off the pain.  
  4. Rest
    1. There is no reason to go to school/work the first day or two after breaking something.  I was lucky to have a really minor breakage, so I can still get around, but everyone deserves a little rest after a break.
    2. Get in contact with your teachers/job
      1. All my teachers have been extremely understanding and have allowed for extensions and help when I need it.
  5. Make a web of connections
    1. It's extremely important to have people who can help you out while you are incapacitated.  If you live in the same town as family, ask if they can help you in whatever way you need.  Otherwise, ask your friends.  Put out a call to arms on facebook or other social media to get the assistance you need.
      1. For example, I don't feel safe driving yet and I had to go ask all my friends and family and eventually my sister's half-brother (long story) offered to drive me to school this morning.  
      2. No shame in asking for help 
  6. Don't get behind on work
    1. Just because you are hurt though, doesn't mean you can allow your work to pile up.  Take your time and do it all in stride, but make sure to at least attempt to keep up!
  7. Do what the doctors say
    1. No matter how much it hurts to have to move my arm, I have to.  I have to take my meds.  I have to wear that itchy sling.  But, if you listen, hopefully it'll all be over soon!

That's it for today guys!!!  Share any stories you have below!  Bye byeeeeeeeee  

Monday, December 1, 2014

I get by with a little help from my friends

  With the help of Jaimi and the Tinker, I was able to open my Lootcrate!  The video wont really be edited because that's pretty difficult even normal, so I'll try to post that tomorrow!  Love you guys!

Broken Arm

No posts for a while sorry guys

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Finale vs. Ganon!! (Lea Plays Battle Quest Part 6)

The finale of the Legend of Zelda Battle Quest!  Don't worry, there are more Nintendo Land videos to come!  If you liked this video, please give it a like and leave a comment if you want us to do the 6 bonus levels!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Disney Villains: Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

       Ah, Thanksgiving, a time when people stuff endless amounts of poultry and fixings into their faces while imagining picturesque scenes of pilgrims with buckle hats passing the gravy to a Native American as depicted in elementary history books.  In reality, Thanksgiving is a celebration in thanks of the native Americans helping the useless colonials through the harsh winter.  The story of Pocahontas takes place 14 years prior to what is thought to be the first Thanksgiving feast and presents some of the hostile views of both sides upon the intrusion on American soil.  Today, I’d like to talk about the greedy jerk known as Governor John Ratcliffe, both in real life and in fiction.

John Ratcliffe, John Sicklemore, Governor Ratcliffe

Governor, Commander of the Discovery, councilor of Jamestown colony


In Pocahontas: 
            In Pocahontas, the Governor is portrayed as a rich, pompous, and vicious.  He is not willing to negotiate with the natives and prefers to be aggressive and orders the men to kill on site.  His main motive is gold and fame and to eventually surpass the king in wealth.  He orders John Smith to kill the natives, but as we all know, he falls in love with Pocahontas instead.  This results in a war between Powhatan and the Governor.  He aims to kill Powhatan but John Smith jumps into the way, takes the bullet, and the Governor is wrapped up and shipped back to England. 
             In the sequel, he has turned the king on John Smith and sets up Pocahontas and John Rolfe during a royal ball by setting up a bear-baiting.  Ratcliffe declares war on the native Americans and begins to send a fleet to fight them.  Of course, Pocahontas and Rolfe, alongside the somehow still alive John Smith bring down Ratcliffe after an attempt on Pocahontas’ life.  He is arrested and sentenced to….well life in prison we can assume.  Fun fact, “He is the second villain from the Disney Renaissance who has not die at the end of his debut film, the first being Jafar (though Ratcliffe did not die in the sequel either), and the third being Hades (though only because he is a god and is immortal).  He is also the second Disney Princess villain not to be killed, the first being Lady Tremaine and the third and, to date, last, being Hans. Jafar did not die in the first Aladdin, but did in the sequel.”

In History:
            Ratcliffe was actually the commander of the Discovery expedition and an elected official who used John Smith’s help to dispose of the previous corrupted Governor, Edward Wingfield, in September of 1607.  It’s even said that he was a “wise and insightful president, but he fell out of favour with many colonists after enlisting men to build a governor's house.”  Ratcliffe actually encouraged trade with the Native Americans, so much that he actually began to over trade and caused upset in the colonists.  He had John Smith in charge of the communications with them rather than the attacking them.  He also ordered that the surviving 40 colonists, mostly ill, construct a capitol in the woods, which you can see in the sequel.  This caused much more upset as he was also accused of stealing and hoarding rations.  Of course, he did invade land and most likely brought over one of many deadly diseases that killed millions.  So, let’s take a look at what the movie and real life guy did combined!  

Deaths Caused:
            Since John Smith was revealed to be alive in the sequel, no one directly dies due to Ratcliffe in the movies.  In fact, the only death shown is caused by Thomas, who may very well be an allusion to Thomas Gate, a Governor who came two years later.  In reality, there are no records of deaths caused by Ratcliffe, but colonization as a whole caused death of up to 95% of the indigenous population as well as numerous colonists due to sickness, starvation, etc.  If Ratcliffe did hoard food, he might have assisted in starvation, but there is nothing specific so we have to say 0 for now.

In the movie, he had John Smith set as an enemy of the state.  That’s about it so 1.

Harm to Protagonists and Co:
Nearly fatally wounding John Smith, the near murder of Pocahontas, and a near full out war against Powhatan and his people.  In the movie, a lot of harm.  In real life, he did not even see Pocahontas and John Rolfe marry and most likely never saw them in England, so I doubt he caused much harm.

            It may actually be true that the movie representation is a much more malicious and greedy incarnation of an already corrupt official as seen through the skewed lenses of history.  My verdict will be based upon each version.  So, for the crimes of horrible racism, greed, near murder and genocide, I give Governor Ratcliffe from the movie a
However, the real life Ratcliffe would receive a lower score around 4/10.  You can judge for yourself based on the numbers here.  
            This is where it gets gruesome.  In the movie, Ratcliffe is simply arrested and imprisoned.  However in real life….well… “In December 1609, Ratcliffe and 14 fellow colonists were invited to a gathering with the a tribe of Powhatan Indians. The Powhatans promised the starving colonists would be given corn, but it was a trap. The colonists were ambushed. Ratcliffe suffered a particular gruesome fate: Ratcliffe was tied to a stake in front of a fire. Women removed the skin from his face with mussel shells and tossed the pieces into the flame as he watched. Finally, he was burned at the stake.”  So…here’s the clip from the movie instead!!!!!

In Conclusion:
            I still love the Pocahontas movies.  I love the music and although many people think it is racist, I think the point was to show how racism on both sides caused damage and warns against it rather than promotes it.  I personally will always love the movie, but if you would like to know more about what was wrong in the movie, check out this link here to have your childhood ruined.   


    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!  I'd love to know your thoughts on the subject so please leave a comment.

   Also, I'd like to say I'm Thankful for you all.  You all have been great, coming and reading this little blog of mine.  You all have given me something to think about, spend time on, and focus on.  You've helped me to feel needed in a world that seems pointless sometimes.  I feel like if I don't write, I'm letting people down.  Perhaps it is just me having an ego and thinking I'm more important than I am, but I hope I make a few people happy at the very least.  I wish that I could know how many of you are really reading all this by following my blog or Google+.  I hope you guys all have a fantastic day and happy holidays!    

Monday, November 24, 2014

Issues and Lea Plays Battle Quest Part 5

   Hey everyone!  I had a hude problem with my stupid laptop so I had 2 reset the entire thing.  I lost a few videos and I have to re-download all of my stuff, so there might be a few delays for videos, plus I'm going to be out of town for Thanksgiving.  I am also behind on writing that Disney Villain post since I couldn't use my laptop, but I should be able to slowly inch back into operation.  However, here is last weeks Zelda video that I couldn't post here because of the internet.  Plus, in a moment This Post will be updated with the video I referenced.  


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Catastrophe

   My family has a fake tree we've set up for years.  It's old, you have to attack each branch by hand, and it's prickly.  Since we moved to our new house almost 10 years ago, my mom's wanted a taller, thinner tree with less hassle and so have we.  Well, this year a "Christmas Miracle" occurred.  We just popped opened one of the multiple boxes containing parts of the tree to reveal a full nest of mice.  We let the little guys go and intend to empty out the other boxes, but uh, I think this is the mice's way of saying "brah, you need a new tree."  And so, the quest for a new tree begins!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

UPDATED: Super Smash Bros Wii U

  I just ran over to Gamestop to pick up smash bros!!  I just made a quick 5 minute video about some stuff I picked up, but I'm uploading the Lea Plays at the moment so it should be up sometime tonight!  I hope you guys are enjoying the ORAS/Smash Bros Hype Train cause I'm in first class!

Updated 11/25/14

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Decisions and Villains

     Hi.  Hallo.  Sup?  How ya doin?  Just wanted to pop in and say I have a cool idea.  I'm going to do a Disney Villain's segment once a month based either on a holiday in said month, if something in the movie happens in said month, or if I feel like it!  For example, for October I did the Nightmare before Christmas which is a very Halloweeny movie!  I already have one planned for Thanksgiving and will start writing it this week, but I'm wondering what movie to do for December!  The only movies that comes to mind are the Once and Twice Upon a Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Carol.  (Yes, I know there is another Disney Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey as everybody, but I love the Mickey version most so if I do one, it'll be that version)  I think I'd like to do Christmas Carol because it will work well with the segment, but what do you guys think?  Would you consider Scrooge McDuck a villain of the Disney franchise or at least of that movie, enough that I could cover it in a segment?  Please answer on the poll to the right or leave a comment of another option!  I'd also like ideas for January if you have any!  Also, in case you haven't looked recently, the Disney Villains segments are now under the Reviews, Thoughts On, etc. tab of the navigation bar!
      I hope everyone is not freezing to death out there!  I do also have another picture post coming up, I have written all the content and just need some more pics.  There will be another Lea Plays up tomorrow and my Loot Crate should be coming soon, and I hope to do a huge swell of posting my art once the semester is over.  Finals week is approaching fast and I won't be home over the Thanksgiving break, but no worries!  I'm going to set the Disney Villains post to appear on Thanksgiving Day whether I'm at a computer or not!  Hope you guys are excited for all this!  Much love!  <3

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Puppet Jerkface Returns! (Lea Plays-Battle Quest Part 4)

  First of all, this vide has been up since Thursday, I just wanted to see how many people watched it who do not follow my blog.  If you guys want to see these videos as they come out, please subscribe to my channel so you can get alerted when I upload a video!  I will still post them on here, but a few days later.

Part fouuurr where some cool stuff happens!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughts On: Cats and Dogs

  Today, I heard someone remark that they hate cats.  I've also had many other people tell me this and many people say they hate dogs instead.  I find it very odd that people can hate an entire species of creature.  Now, I will say, I do hate me some mosquitos and centipedes and other insects, but even some like butterflies and moths, dragonflies, ladybugs, even the occasional millipede, can be pretty cool looking as well as hundreds others.  But these animals are common house hold pets and it seems odd to me that people HATE one or the other or both.  So, allow me to explain why I in particular are fond of both, but love cats.

   A dog is a pack animal.  It needs a leader, attention, love, etc.  A pet dog depends on you for basically everything from letting it outside to relieve itself to feeding and watering it, to its basic exercise.  A dog NEEDS a human.  Some people love this idea that something needs them and is happy to see them every time they come home.  They love to be showered in the never ending, never questioning love of a dog.  I understand the idea of having something need you, but just as I don't like people who want a lot of attention, I don't like dogs very much.  I find it annoying when dogs bark and howl for you to come in the door or do something vague.  They aren't very good at describing what they want.  That's not to say I don't love dogs.  I've had dogs all my life and will continue to do so, because I do like having a companion.  However, then there are cats.

   The problem with cats is, unlike a dog which is really a pet, cats are like a horrible roommate.  They don't pay rent, depend on you for food and such, expect you to clean up after them, and don't really give two sh**s about your life.  This room mate makes a mess--they knock stuff over and don't care.  They sleep most of the day and don't do anything, but when they finally are up, they can be hilarious.  They are easy to vent to and will make faces like they care when you know they really don't.  They want to know everything you'redoing though, so be prepared to stop them from going into rooms they don't belong.   If you leave your bed for two seconds, they have stolen your spot and somehow manage to take up the entire bed.  When you walk in the door, the most you get is a little blink or a wave and then they are back to bed or doing whatever it is they do.  However, on rare occasions, they will know you're feeling down and snuggle up close and give you all the love and support you need.  They really do love you, even if you constantly fight.  They will hiss and fuss and slash at you, but will eventually apologize.  Except when you go on a trip without them.  Then they hate you forever.  Also, in some cases, they can be real creeps and follow you to the bathroom....

   My cats represent perfect examples of different types of roommates.  Pippin is the one described
They don't even let you take a good picture
above.  Probably bipolar or has ADHD, she loves to ruin stuff, fly around the room, and fight with me.  I know when I mess with her, I'll get scratched, but I do it anyway because she is playing and will give me kisses afterwards as an apology.  She hates everyone else, but is "helping" me type as I write this.  Pip is only affectionate to me and will sit on the edge of my shower every morning and take baths with me in the afternoon.  I can never be in a room without her stopping by, whether to attack me or to lay with me.  She almost always sleeps on my legs under the covers, and if she's not, she's off terrorizing the house.  Merry is the loving, talkative room mate.  He leaves his clothes (fur) everywhere, but means well, and wants lots of attention, but not enough to suffocate you.  He's very sweet, but actually doesn't like to be smothered, aside from being fed, which is all he ever wants.  Bilbo is the one with too much energy.  He wants to be loved, but very much in a 1 hour-ish window, and then after that he is 100% play!  He bites to hard and plays too rough because he is still a kitten, but when you get him in the love mode, he's sweet.  And Biffy is a dog.

   Now, all this doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions.  Our dog Pliget was the best dog I've ever had the pleasure of living with or being around and I loved her just as much as I love Pippin who is my baby.  It all depends on the type of person you are about what pet you will like, but please, for the millions of you who have never had one of these pets, please give either a try.  I personally prefer cats, but I will always have both.  All my life, I have had dogs and cats that love each other--in fact, Biffy helped raise Bilbo when we got him a year ago, doing most of the motherly duties we didn't want to do.  Don't base a full species on your experiences with one dog or one cat or one breed.  Dogs especially are a result of their training; any dog can be taught well, some just need more training than others, and any dog can be bad.  Cats are harder to train because they don't want to be, but it's not impossible.  For those who think dogs are smarter than cats or vice versa, check out this video below.  I highly suggest checking out these videos if you'd like to know more about the science of pets!  Have a nice night and remember to appreciate your fuzzy friends (of all types!)    

Side note, I've also had 2 hermit crabs named Hermy and Speedy--Hermy being a god amongst mortals living over a year..or was it two?  I had two mice when I was young--Siegfried and Siegfried Jr. as well as two lizards we caught in our house name Lancelot and Guinevere.  Lancelot died, and his fair lady was released back into her natural habitat.  I've had a total of 4 dogs (Lady, Minnyet, and Pliget, and Biffy) and 6 cats (Simba, Gremlin or Gremmy, and Pearl) plus the 3 I have currently that I remember, not including the one or two from when I was too young to know.  This is also not including my families pets such as my Grandmothers and sister's pets.
       I also like snakes and other reptiles unlike a lot of people and you can even see me chillin with some snakies in this video.  My other grandparents also owned a ridiculous number of birds ranging from an African Grey, Umbrella Cockatoos, and a green Macaw, to little lovebirds.  In the comments below, post what kind of pets you had/have!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


  Hello world!  This week is a bit crazy with homework and 2 tests tomorrow so nothing too big except another Lea lays video tomorrow!  Look at me getting a regular schedule ^^.  Just wanted to say I am still around and this weekend I'll be working on more posts!  Love you aaaaall!

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Corn Maze!!!

My friends and I go to the local corn maze for an adventure!!!  Starring, Damon, Michelle, Shelley, Jaimi, Joellen, and Chris!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014


So...the stream is all one came :(  You can still watch it here

Starting around Noon!!

   Morning everyone!!!  I'm up and starting my set up so I just wanted to make sure everyone is amped up for the stream!  For those of you who don't know, the sight I use, Twitch.Tv, is a free streaming sight where I can stream and then those videos are saved in my archives if you missed them!  I forgot to have it save the last stream sadly, but this one will be available to watch anytime.  However, people who have an account (free to make and use) can comment!  If you comment, I can answer questions, have a conversation, etc!  So please come give it a little look.  If you like it, please make an account and say Hi!  See you guys soon!!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


  Hello everyone!  Tomorrow around noon MST, I'll be doing a livestream on in honor of Z's birthday!  I will be working on the Halloween special I am too lazy 2 do, and other drawings!  If you come join me, you can ask questions about the comic, my life, etc. and at some point, Jaimi will be joining me!  I don't know how long I'll stream, probably not past 3:30 or 4:00.  I hope you can come!!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

I have weird dreams...

   So, I've mentioned before that a dream about Slenderman saving me made me unafraid of ol' Slendykins.  Well, I've been watching a lot of Let's Players play Alien: Isolation, and the other night I had a dream about....I guess...being best buddies with a Xenomorph and it saving my life by taking a bullet....from....another Xenomorph...............I am not scared of Xenomorphs........ way to get over irrational anxiety according to my brain: dream about it saving you!  Plus, these guys are just pretty cool lookin anyway.  Maybe they just want hugs!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pistachios!! (Lea Plays-Battle Quest Part 3)

So...loud parents are loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Edittiiinnggg, Livestream, and FAQ!

    Hello guys!  Just wanted to pop in to say I'v successfully finished editing all the Legend of Zelda Battle Quest Let's Plays!  Meaning, I will upload one tomorrow!  I'm thinking every Thursday yes?  I also have a few of the single player games to edit, and then more filming to do.  I also have 5 or 6 Pokemon card pack openings and a vlog to upload!  I'm in the process of writting a very long post as well!  I'd also love some comments on what you guys would like me to write about!  I think I'd like to have a segment where, on days between big posts or I have no motivation to write big posts, I just answer some questions, kinda like an FAQ, but more like a...OAQ-once asked question!  So please, either email me here, or leave a comment below, and I'll do some little posts where I answer them!

  Also!  11/9/14 marks Z's 2nd birthday!  In the comic, he is...9?  I think?  I can't remember XD.  In honor of this, I think I'll do a livestream this weekend on my channel, drawing my Halloween Special which is still not done....and his birthday special!  If some people show up, I might even do drawing requests!  I'll draw any character, person, etc. in my art style for you if you ask nicely ^^.  More details soon!!!  <3

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lea Plays: Nintendo Land Zelda Battle Quest-Part 2

Time for another step into Hyrule you guys!  On we go

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Disney Villains: Oogie Boogie

  What is more terrifying than the Boogie-Man himself?  How long it took me to do a new Disney Villains Segment, that's what!  Hello hello my lovely Halloween ghouls and ghosts!  Welcome to a long over due segment of Disney Villains!  In reference to my second favorite holiday, I decided to do one of the spookiest Disney Villains, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I've actually done a little theory on this baddie before and last year's Christmas Special was inspired by it tooooo!  Some people argue he is not Disney, but they are very wrong.  In fact, at this time of year until around Jan,the Haunted Mansion ride gets Nightmare-ified!  I personally like it more than the normal Haunted Mansion because it's a little less spooky and I like not spooky.  Now, the boogyman has been around for centuries, so, let's start with the history this time, and THEN talk about the movie version of this baddie.

    Oogie Boogie, The Boogie Man, Mr. Oogie, "Sack Man" (Latin countries), "El Coco" (Spanish-speaking countries), "Babau" or "Bau-bau" (Eastern Mediterranean areas), "Butzemann" (Germanic countries), and SO MANY MOOORREEEE.

     "Gambler, Serial killer, Cannibal, Ruler of Bug Town (formerly), Lock, Shock, and Barrel's boss" (via Disney Wiki)

    Monster, sack creature full of various bugs.  (ew)

In Legend:
Que Viene El Coco (Here comes the boogeyman)
     From our earliest memories, we have been told about the boogie-man, whether he is lurking under your bed, in the shadows, or in the closet, we have always feared the scary thing.  In almost all cultures, there is some representation of a "boogie-man" as we know him.  In most cultures, the boogie-man steals away, kills, or eats bad children who disobey their parents, stay out late, etc.  In most cases, the boogie-man is the embodiment of terror or Satan himself.  The character himself is seen in many ways.  Sometime, just as darkness itself, sometimes as a skeletal or very old man, sometimes even as a woman or gender less.  The boogie-man was also portrayed in another kid's movie I love, The Rise of the Guardians, as Pitch Black.  People with anxiety like myself will most likely still believe there is something under your bed, and this jerk is to blame.  Each culture has their own boogie-man that does their own thing based on that culture's views and morals, which means there is sooooo much to work with on this guy.  All the fear in the world is centered on this belief in one way or another so, he's got quite the legacy!

In The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    In the movie, Boogie is the boss of the evil trick-or-treaters, Lock, Shock, and Barrel.  He is made of a white/grey sack (that I thought was green forever but it turned out to be just the lighting) filled with hundreds of bugs and stitched together which is terrified and most likely in reference to most legends telling of a person who carries bad children away in burlap or mesh sacks, like what he is made of.  This would also make sense why he has children henchmen, as if he kidnapped them and made them his slaves in essence.  Their fantastic song, "Kidnap Mister Sandy Claws", shows they are scared of him and for good reason!  He even eats bugs which he is made of sooooo a cannibal...unless he's just adding it to his body colony?  I...don't...even know really. Let's also talk about what his goal in the movie is: KILL Santa Clause.  Why?  Just cause.  No real reason.  Just cause Jack wants him.  He loves to torture and hurt people for fun, as well as gamble, even though he is horrible at it.  Boogie is a baddy, but honestly, he was not the scariest character in this story.  I always found the zombie family, the monster under the bed, and baaaassically all the rest, to be pretty terrifying.  So, let's get to the analysis.    

Deaths Caused:
    Well, we don't actually know!  There are no confirmed kills for Boogie aside from the bug...maybe?  He is trying to kill Santa and Sally however, so 2 attempted murders of the beloved figure of our favorite holiday and a heroic Sally!

    At least 2.  He captured Santa and Sally and attempted to kill them both.  Also, he is known to enjoy torturing people, so we can assume there were countless more before them.  Perhaps those skeletons all around are more of his victims.

Harm to Protagonist and Company:
    Weeeeelll read the previous....and enjoy this picture of seductive jack  being seductive.  But in all truth, he's a bad bro and caused younger me much trauma when he explodes into
Dat jack doh.  Source

      Well, the childhood trauma over the centuries has ingrained this baddy into the minds of millions.  This movie does this guy some justice, but he only gets a measly 10 minutes of screen time including his epic song.  Honestly, I don't think he was as scary as he could have been and he didn't ACTUALLY kill Santa or Sally, so from what we see in the movie, not so bad.  Aside from some childhood trauma that, like Pitch says, fades with time, it's not too bad for those of us he doesn't get a hold of of course.  However, the boogie-man as a whole receives....


  If you want more spooky stuff about this classic villain, I highly suggest checking out the versions from other cultures!  I think a few of them are actually scarier than this buggy-sack so, if you're a history buff like me, checkem out!. Now, here's this jerk getting his dues!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lawful Good- The Story of a Lost Dog

   I'm here today to dispel a myth: the myth that when you do a good deed, you feel good.  From the day we are able to understand, we are told that doing the good and right thing will make us feel better after we've done it.  This is why many of us Lawful Good types hand over the iPhone we find in the parking lot we find or turn in the wallets full of cash we find on the streets, rather than reaping the befits, hoping that we will feel amazing after we've done something good.  Sometimes, it feels fantastic.  You think to yourself "Wow!  I just saved someone from having to pay another $300 on an iPhone even though I totally could have take it since I have such a crappy little thing."  This was one time I did feel better about turning it in, since I had no desire to keep it.  However, it's not always this magical feeling afterward.  This is one of those times.  Let me tell you about a dog.

    A week ago, at about 5:00 p.m. my mother walked outside and a small yorkshire terrier-poodle mix trotted right up to her.  She was well groomed, obviously hadn't been out long, and was a clear indoor dog with a love of people.  Mom called me to come out and the dog instantly ran to me.  She acted like my own dog when I came home, going in little circles until I knelled down to look for a collar and pet her.  None.  I ran inside to get a leash we could use. The dog waited patiently with mother, never running off.  She ran right to me and let me wrap the nice and thin leash around her like a collar.  My father came out and we asked our neighbor if he recognized the dog from his walks with his own.  He said no.  I told the dog to lead us home.  She took off in a direction, then stopped and began to just wander aimlessly, happy to be on a walk.  We circled the neighborhood for around an hour.  No one was out looking for her.  No one was driving calling her name.  No one knew her. 

     Finally, we realized we had to take her home.  I sent a message to a lady in our neighborhood who runs a local neighborhood watch.  She sent the email promptly to her entire list of contacts.  No response.  I called the pound.  They were closed.  My father tried to gt her to sleep in a small cat crate during the night to avoid a mess.  After her whining and crying, I decided to let her out, take her outside and watch over her to make sure the coyotes (which have taken a few small dogs in our neighborhood) didn't come near her.  That night, she slept on my bed.

    The next morning, after a quick hour of shopping with mom and Nonnie, I took her to the pound with my father to check for a microchip.  None.  We left a found ad at the pound and sent in the photo above as soon as we got home.  No one called.  The next day, I put up an add of the found list on craigslist as well as looked all over the internet to see if a lost-dog ad had been posted.  None.  However, suddenly I got a call from my mother, telling me that she found a found dog add from 3 months ago of our same little pup.  I tried to get in contact with the previous finders.  They didn't have any information about the owners other than that they lived in the same general area.  No leads.  Each night, the dog had slept on my bed through the pounding rains that come only a few times a year, but that cause flash floods.  However, she did have 3 accidents in her time with us because she didn't know how to use our dog door:  all of which I had to clean. 

   Now Tuesday, I decided to look for Lost Dog posters, as the people who had found her before said the owners put up posters before calling for her.  I drove street by street slowly for about 30 minutes.  Finally, I found a post man and slowed, rolling down my window.  I politely asked if he had seen any lost dog posters in the area for a small dog.  None.  After a bit more looking, I went to class and then to the weekly trivia event with my family.  Everyone told me I should just keep her.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it here before, but my grandparent's yorkie passed away earlier this year, and we all began to think of giving the pup over to them as she was so perfect, almost like a sign or a gift from whatever God or Gods were kind enough to send her.  I looked up the adoption rules for my city when I got home.  If the dog had been collared, the owners would have had 5 days to pick her up.  She didn't.  If she had a microchip, they would have called.  She didn't.  I didn't want to get my hopes up, but 3 days without a call was making me wonder if anyone even cared abut this little pup.  Even my cats were getting used to this pup.  Everyone said to keep her.

Pliget, my dog, the day we got her 17 years ago when I was 1.
That little purple polka-dot dress there, that's me.
   Wednesday.  Maid's day.  I am home all day until 6:00 p.m, hanging out with the dog.  She slept with her little head right on my laptop as I edited videos and did my homework.  At about 3:00, I called the pound and asked what to do.  They told me that if it were them, she would be up for adoption already and it was alright to keep her.  4:00.  I get a phone call.  A man's voice stumbles through a sentence saying he had found my poster at the pound and how it was his daughter's dog.  I asked him to describe her, a bit in shock.  He basically just said "Uh,'s my daughter's dog."  My heart stopped.  Someone's daughter's dog.  Just like how I've lost dogs before, however mine always have a tag.  In fact, once upon a time I had a dog who managed to get out near monthly, but everyone in the neighborhood would bring her home and say "she came for a visit" until we Pliget-proofed the yard.  She passed away the weekend of my birthday last year.  I decided to call my mom.  

     Every other time I had found a dog, I was able to return them home near instantly with their collars, so I had never had to prove if a dog belong to someone.  When I told them I needed to call my mother, they did it first and I waited.  I waited and looked at the little girl we had started to call Frodo to fit in with our shire themed cats, Pippin, Merry, and Bilbo.  Finally, my mother called back and informed me they were on their way over to get her.  I fell apart.  I began to get angry, feel righteous.  The dog didn't have a collar or a chip!  She was sent to us!  They obviously didn't care enough to call until 4 full days later.  The obviously didn't love her as much as we did.  They don't deserve her.  I began to think of what to say.  To at the very least be snarky and say "well, next time keep her on a collar if you really care about her. "  When the doorbell rang, I whistled to Frodo for her to follow and called back my other dog.  I opened the door to see a girl, probably not that much younger than me, standing at the door with a leash with what I presumed to be her father behind her.  He didn't make eye contact.  My mind went blank.  She simply said, ya this is my dog, put the leash and collar on, said thank you once, and walked away.  Her father never looked at me, just around at my house.  Frodo, or whatever her real name was, was no more excited to see her than she was to see anyone in my family or who strolled in my house.  She was gone.  Forever.  And I did nothing. 

    My mother came home to me crying on her bed.  Why was I crying?  She was never my dog.  She never would be.  But I cried all the same.  My mother told me I had done the right thing, no matter how my heart told me otherwise.  I wondered if I really even had.  What if that was a lying family?  What if they were going to lose her again?  What if next time no one saved her from the rain or the coyotes?  It didn't matter because she was gone.  But she was with her real family.  There was a girl out there reunited with her dog.

   What do I mean by telling you this whole story with every little detail and spending so much time on something that might seem so insignificant?  People always tell you doing a good thing will make you feel better.  I think that's a lie.  Doing a truly good thing should make you feel awful.  It means you had to sacrifice something you cared about for the happiness of another person, the greater good, even or especially if you think they don't deserve it.  You have to over come something bad to do something truly good.  

     So to all you Lawful Good types who have done a million good things that never seem to give you a good feeling, that never return the happy karma you are waiting for, that never get recognized for your good deeds, thank you.  Thank you for doing the things others wont do.  For every one found dog, there are hundreds more who don't make it home, whose owners are willing to pay without question to be reunited with their family.  If you have returned a dog or cat or anything to its proper home even through the pain, thank you.  From one pet owner to thousands of others, thank you. 

From one Lawful Good to another, thank you.