Friday, August 30, 2013

Let me explain...(100th post!!)

    Hey everyone so, i actually missed posting yesterday and man do i feel sorry, but not really because let me tell you how my day went.  I went to school at 7:30 for swing choir and spent the day pretty averagely.  I even got  83% done with Obasan and planned to finish it during the night.  I stayed until 4:30 tutoring and then took off with my mom and english teacher to go get some Roberto's and then headed straight back to school.  From about 5:20 to 6:00, i tried to do homework but my friends were there and were rather distracting so i didn't get much done.  Then, until 7:30, i sang Route 66 with the swing 3 or 4 times and then FINALLY got to go home.  Upon getting home i started to read Obasan and got pretty far until Chapter 37.  You all might not know this but as maybe you could have guessed by noticing i didn't have favorite horror movies on this list and my video game fears, i have horrible anxiety.  This anxiety (generally about death and there being nothing after) often sends me into fits and makes me feel horrible.  It used to be so bad i couldn't even watch Lord of the Rings Return of the King alone because of the ghost army.  The things that are the worst to me are ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and anything related to death.  While reading, i could tell what was going to happen but i had no idea the detail.  At one point i said to myself "just finish it, i can handle it."  I read one more sentence and suddenly went into a fit of crying and had a minor anxiety attack.
     As of today, there wasn't much to talk about.  I'm behind on homework because of last night and im tired.  However, since you all got jipped, i've decided to post a picture of a new character in the comic named Caterina.  This is another of my drawings that you can see the process of.  I'll also include all the concept art for her i drew on the back of this picture.  The dress was based on this one worn by Sofia, Ezio's wife, from Assassin's Creed Revelations along with the neck collar thing from Lucrezia Borgia and the name of Caterina Sforza, all of the same series.  Caterina will not be a long term character but i really felt like drawing her in full form so i did.  I hope that makes up for a lack of yesterday's blog.

I really have to up the contrast on these so you can actually see the picture on the other side-woops.  Here you can see the phase of making hairstyles as well as naming her.  I went through basically ever female name from Assassin's creed 2 through Brotherhoods and the mark outs show the process of elimination we went through.  Also, the giant date above is the date of the Assassin's Creed movie that is coming out!  The last one on the right is the final choice.

This is the final outfit.  Not nearly as fancy as Sofia's but you all know how crap my art is.  This time i took a lot let effort into the design and color scheme seeing as i had an idea already.  The name....i'm sure you can guess where that came from.  

    So that's it guys.  I'm almost done with Pokemon Conquest so maybe i can write a review on that.  I'll try my hardest to get the X and Y news thoughts up on labor day (monday Sept. 2nd) or sometime very soon.  Imma relax for the night, finish Conquest, play some friggin Spelunky.  Maybe i'll update again later when i beat Conquest.  For now, adieu!  <3

UPDATE:  OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!!  In 74 days, i've posted actually over 100 posts, but some have been deleted due to irrelevance such as ones about polls.  So....omg guys.....100!!!!