Monday, July 8, 2013

Leanasta Worthington

   Hey everyone!  So, here we go with the character bios.  Lea and Mate are the 2 i will be able to talk the most about because a.) They are in the 3 most developed and b.) im not afraid to spoil a bit of my fanfiction but i am about my comic.  This bio does contain SPOILERS about my fanfiction, but maybe reading it will get you intrigued in it.  One thing about this fanfiction is it is not just one "book," it is a book that introduces Lea and then a series of shorter stories based on the events in the TV show Wolverine and the X-Men, so some of this stuff in the bio will be from the later stories.  Yes it's cheesy, yes it's dorky.  Yes.  Sooo, i'll try to cover all the interesting things about her.  If i remember something later i might update this post and you guy can ask Lea questions!  I want to get at least one question for each character so please?  Also, last day to vote on the poll!!  I think you have until midnight!!
Name:  Leanasta "The Chameleon" Worthington
This is the piece of Lea art i am most proud of because it is the most recent one
Gender:  Female
Hair:  Brown/Blonde, generally about shoulder length or a bit longer
Eyes: Unnatural bright glowing green
Age:  thought to be about 22
Outfit:  Outer part Green, inner part yellow
Birthday:  May 15th
Height:   about 5'7''
Classification:  Mutant
Fandom:  X-Men based on the events of Wolverine and the X-Men with some influences from the movies
Perspective:  First person, also in some Roleplays
Origin:  Lea first came to be around April of 2009, right before the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  I was on the website, playing a game called Key Quest, when i met a really awesome person named Breanna.  She would be one of my first 2 Internet friends and is still one of the few i know exclusively though the Internet.  She and i began sharing stories centered on Wolverine and soon formed the short lived roleplaying guild.  It was my first experience roleplaying and introduced me to a lot of things i use today to make my characters.  The story, Lea and Logan, has gone through at least 3 different versions, 2 of them completed and then a reboot which is about 3/4 of the way done.  The picture above is the latest drawing of Lea and her new outfit.  
Story (Obviously, this is all SPOILERS since none of you have read it):  Lea woke up one morning in the trees not far from the X-Mansion, not knowing who she was, where she was, or why.  The only thing in her pocket was an Ace of Hearts card.  When looking around, she found a man walking into a metal gate to the mansion, Wolverine.  When she tries to investigate though, he knocks her out.  She wakes up next in the infirmary and meets Ororo and soon, the rest of the crew.  Scott scares her into unknowingly using her powers and she is welcomed to the X-Men.  She soon meets Forge, who will become her best friend.  She soon begins to follow Wolverine around and train with him.  Lea then has many an adventure, in the first book following her quest to join the X-Men and in the others, fighting enemies including Mr. Sinister, Senator Kelly, and Colonial Moss.
Abilities (SPOILERS):  Lea is able to put her essence, soul, power, force, whatever you want to call it into plants and morph them to her will.  She can make them grow, move, expand, and knot themselves to use them as ropes, vine like whips, or whatever she can think of.  She can also make individual leaves into sharp, knife like throwing tools.  Lea is able to guise herself in trees (thus the name "the chameleon" which i may actually be changing soon) and essentially disappear into any plant life with light refracting off the hiding spot.  Lea also has a Lupine mutation allowing her to physically morph into a wolf (generally grey), however when in this form, she can't use any of her other abilities.  She was given claws like Wolverine's in an experiment conducted by William Stryker but uses them only when completely necessary.
Weaknesses/Problems (Minor spoilers):  Lea has to touch a plant in order to control it.  Because of this, she often doesn't wear shoes and if she does wear gloves, they are fingerless.  Since she has to put herself into the plant to make it move, she does often over do it an exhaust herself, causing her to be prone to fainting.  Lea is small in comparison to many of her enemies and even her companions, so she can easily be knocked out or injured severely.  She can be easily deceived because she is very hopeful that all people have good in them and doesn't remember how people should act.  Only has a minor healing ability which makes the use of the claws extremely painful for her.          
Personality:  Lea is very gentle when she needs to be, but has a bit of a short temper.  She gets along with the strangest of people and is especially kind towards animals and plants.  Lea acts sort of young for her age and is very excitable, but some people find it charming about hers while others *cough* scott summers *coughs* are infuriated by it.
Family (SPOILERS):  Warren Worthington III-adoptive brother
Best friends:  Forge, Gambit
Friends:  Ororo, Kitty Pride, Bobby Drake, Kurt Wagner, Rocky, Hank McCoy
Fenemies:  Scott Summers, Toad, Victor Creed
Enemies:  Rouge, Senator Kelley, William Stryker, etc.
Love interest: Logan
Greatest hope:  To be a useful member of the X-Men and aspire to be as good as Logan.  She hopes to fix the damage done to him by Jean, Rouge, and the other people who have broken his heart and get him to stop smoking.  She also hopes to help everyone realize Forge's potential as a team member.
Greatest fears:  Being locked up, having a back story like Logan's that she doesn't now about, hurting her family and friends, not being good enough for the X-Men, being as pathetic as Stryker says
Items (SPOILERS):  Belt made by Forge which has plants in pockets, Keys to Logan's bike, the necklace seen in pictures below given to her by Logan (her most treasured possession.

So, that's it for now!  Here are some of the old pictures of Lea so you can see how much my art has changed!  If you have any questions for/about Lea, leave them in the comments or submit them in the sidebar!  Check back later today for updates!!  
Lea during the Sinister plot drawn in  2009/10

Old drawing of Lea in a little black dress

Original Lea outfit.  

Lea in a scrapped Ninja/Silver Samari backstrory