Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1 month!!

   Hello everyone!!  I know i said 12 or 1, but today turned totally around in the best possible way!  I woke up, excited to talk to you all but dreading my orthodontist appointment.  I ate some pathetic toast and brushed my teeth twice, then drove to my appointment.  While i was there, i sat and played my 3DS.  As i might have mentioned in the Spelunky post, i just bought Super Mario Bros, the original.  I played it for a bit then got to world 1-2 and died.  However, instead of starting back at the beginning of the level, i started suddenly as Luigi and unable to move!!!  Here's proof!  Also, i tried to do it again.  Anytime i die in world 1-2 as tiny Mario, i get sent back to 1-1 as Luigi and can't move!!  So, this is really weird!!  I tried recording it like, 3 times on my laptop instead, but this blog hates me, so no audio sorry, :(
   After the ortho appointment, i felt really awesome so i went to Target!  I bought a box of pokemon cards
with little figures inside.  For those of you who don't know, i love the cards as well as the games, so this was really awesome for me.  I also bought my mom a copy of her favorite book that was fully illustrated and such as well as some gum, orange ticktacks, and some nifty pencils.  Inside the pokemon cards box, i got 2 cards from the 2011 world championships and a level X machoke!  Here's a picture of my loot.  After that, my sister and i went to Bite of Belgium and both got #2s with extra bacon.  Then, we went to her house to play a card game called Deminion which may seem really boring at first, but by half way through the game i really started to get into it!  I only lost by 1 point and this was my first time playing!  I definitely recommend it to people who like strategic card games like Killer Bunnies, Munchkins, or other kinds of games.  It's pretty sweet.  Then, i got some new music from her and took my cousin home.  However, when i got to my cousin's house, her mother suddenly gave me tons of yummy food to take home so i'm all stored up for winter!  (Or Alaska i suppose)  So in all, i've had a really fantastic day, getting some sweet cards, having awesome food, and playing a new game!
     Now, today is the exact 1 month anniversary of this blog and i want to thank you guys so much for sticking with me through thick and thin!  I have equal views on my good and bad days and that makes me so happy, to see that you guys actually care about my life.  As i talk more about myself, you'll find out that i was a real shut in for so many years and even though i don't act it, i still don't really have tons of friend, im not popular, and people hate me.  I cry, i get angry, i have a temper, i'm human (as far as i know), and i'm glad you guys whoever you are, whether you're from Russia, or Canada, or the Ukraine or Serbia, even you loyal U.S. readers and everyone in between and around the world, care.  Thank you all and i hope ou keep reading this.  45 posts, nearly 800 views down, who knows how many to go.  Continue to read, vote, write in, all that stuff you guys, and most importantly, keep reading!  

P.S.  If you have a Pokemon TCG onlin account and would like to battle me, my user name is Leanasta so friend me and i'd be happy to battle anytime i'm on!

P.P.S.  I'm gonna try to film a better video of that glitch with audio, so check back later guys!  Love you all!  <3   UPDATE:  I guess it does have audio!!!!  swwweeeeet

P.P.P.S I LOVE YOU RANDOM +1 GUY!!!!!!  (Or girl!!!!!)

UPDATE:  I did film and i will be uploading a video o my glitch so check back in about half an hour when it finishes transferring over!!