Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lea (comic)

  Good morning everyone and welcome back to bio week!  These bios do actually take a lot out of me, trying not to tell you everything but get you to understand a character.  Today, i'll be talking about the character that will be most relevant to you all, Lea.  This Lea is from my comic, Me+Free.  In the comic, she is technically me in a different world and a different age, so we share a name, but GENERALLY she is called Lea by almost everyone except when being scolded.  Today, i think i'm going to practice using my tablet! You guys have seen 2 of my comics so i'll get one of my pictures of Lea with a body.  This section is probably very spoilery (hopefully only of the first 2 chapters).  If there is a number beside the world spoilers, that means it is from that "season."  The comic was originally 3 seasons, but the 3rd season expanded and so now, it is season 1, season 2, and then is broken up into chapters all "in" season 3, which is the majority of the comic.  I don't care too much about the first 2 seasons seeing as that's only about....60 pages vs 300.  Plus, things like Pablo who is a talking bird don't appear until season 3, but i mean..he's not a huge secret or anything so a few things are slipped in.  Note:  The valentine's picture below is the first and so far only picture i have edited on GIMP and that was by hand.  With a mouse.  Ya.  Labor of love.  It's a little distorted because it's tiny.  Anyway!  Onward! 

Name:  Galen "Lea"
Valentine's special from last year (season 3) 

Gender:  Female
Hair:  Brown/Blonde, grows rapidly.  Average is 5 spikes
Eyes: light Green
Age:  20 at beginning of comic
Birthday:  May 15th
Height:   about one line above Joellen, half a line shorter than Mira, 1 line shorter than Z.
Classification(Spoilers 3):  Unknown
Fandom:  Not so much a fandom, but my imagination
Perspective:  Stick figure comic.  3rd person (technically)
Origin:  The comic first began on the second day of freshman year during my health class.  I was in the back row and got bored and felt like drawing an explosion.  I don't know why, but i drew that first comic you saw a few weeks ago.  The boy sitting next to me kind of laughed and so i drew another...and another....and another...and then suddenly decided to add a plot!  Little did i know what the characters would tell me.  The story sort of dragged me along behind it, keeping me in the dark until they finally told me what they wanted me to write.  This did cause many plot holes and confusing stories, but i did try to patch them up as i furthered the plot.
Story (SPOILERS 1):  Lea was happy, minding her own business when she saw a box that said FREE on it.  She didn't hesitate to lift if, but when she did, it exploded in her face.  Disgruntled, she moved on.  Another day, she was walking and saw a stand of FREE mangas!  Gladly she dived at them but to the same end result. Then, she saw a lovely wrapped present labeled FREE, however, she was cautious this time and touched it from far away.  Nothing.  Happily, she strode over to pick it up.  BOOM!  After a mix up with Joellen's chocolate, she discovers a store advertising FREE soda inside!  When she dashes in this time, she is not blown up, but captured!  This is just the first 5 comics out of around.....400.  She lives in a 2 story "flat/apartment thing that they own" with varying room mates who have adventures of their own. 
Abilities (SPOILERS 3):  Lea has some sort of inner creature that allows her to survive massive explosions completely intact aside from a bit of loose ends.  When Lea is enraged, the monstrous version of herself is released.  Why?  What is it?  These are good questions.....that i honestly have no answer for.
Weaknesses/problems:  Aside from her ability above, Lea is a normal person.  She can be killed easily, hurt by things like girls being mean to her, and occasionally has mood swings.  Lea gets jealous, hurt, and emotional easily.  Also, Lea has a weakness for anything that says FREE and is very Naive.  
Personality:  Lea puts on a show of happyness for her friends, but is generally very unhappy.  Lea is spunky, excitable, and enthusiastic when she can be, but the rest of the time likes to be alone.  Lea is easily upset and very naive.  Most of the time, she's distracted by sparkly things, FREE things, fuzzy things...you get the point.
Family:  Merm and dad (show up in season 3 but...seriously, not a secret)  2 sisters and brother-in-laws (havent shown up yet....) 
Best friends/Flat mates (SPOILERS 3):  Mira, Joe, Jaz, Paul,
Pets:  Pippin (a.k.a demon cat), Pablo the talking bird, Ton-Ton friend (yes, spelled incorrectly)
Friends:  Meg, Twin (a.k.a. Georgia), Jaimi, Cat, Camille
Frenemies (SPOILERS 3):  Malthazar 
Enemies (SPOILERS 3):  The Mistress, Bee Man, Jessica, The Clones,   
Love interest (SPOILERS): Jeremy Z Marlow  
Greatest hope (SPOILERS 3):  To stop the FREEDOM FIGHTERS and return them to the way they once were, to help Z be a real person,  to get through college alive, to be with Z
Greatest fears (Spoiler 3):  That Z will turn on her or leave her, that the FREEDOM FIGHTERS will succeed, that her flat mates wont like what Z is, that she'll fail a class because of her time spent on adventures
Items:  Cell Phone, Joellen's flying car (made a copy of the keys)

Soooo that's it!  Do all those things you do and such!  Also, as a bonus, have last years Christmas special with most of the spoiler-y things cropped out!!  Don't ask about Z's hat....i have...i have no idea.....it looks like a triangle....sssiiiggggghhhhh.