Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 4: Kinect and Derpy Wolverine

   Today was a better day.  The day started with Robots which, yet again, bored me into a stupor.  I think i
would like it better if we just got to play with them and didn't have to listen to his monotoned voice.  Then, we got to do our rockets!  We shot off our rockets then got to chase them and try to grab them.  I was able to catch mine and our group tied with another group for second in terms of catching.  Then, we had burgers and got free shirts at lunch!  Next, we did genetics. Although i do find genetics interesting, i was a bit bored so i drew something which will be posted at the end and a comic which i want to finish first.  Finally, we got to do probability and statistics.  I personally love probability and think it's easy.  We got to use the Kinect to show the point of guessing based on past events and one of the guys in our group shattered the goal record in Kinect soccer with 73 goals!
My rocket, star candies thing, POP! Thor, and my new POP! Wolverine.
    When i got home, i heard my package of the plushie Wolverine and my star candies had arrived!  This is amazing because i ordered it economy on Sunday!  So i rushed in and opened it.  The star candies taste just like banana runts (my favorite), but my Wolverine is a bit...Derpy.  There's a minor stitching error on his mask making his face look fatter and his eyes look closer together.  It's a minor issue, but it kinda damaged his over all look to me and makes me kind of sad, but i've decided to keep my derpy Logan.  I am uncontrollably excited for the movie which comes out tomorrow!
     WARNING!  THIS SECTION CONTAINS START TREK SPOILERS.  DO NOT SCROLL.  So, today in robotics, they gave us a list of websites for online classes.  One, was Khan academy.  I had heard of it before and thought this same thought before, but now was the perfect time to implement this.  I will be doing a redraw of this or creating a photoshop style ad, but this is what i could do from memory in genetics class.  Based on the latest incarnation of this character played by the handsome and talented Benedict Cumberbatch.  Sorry for the poor quality.  It's on the same yellow paper as the Portal pictures.

Khan Academy.  Genetically superior to all competitors!  It'll leave you shouting "KHAAAAAAAAAN!"