Monday, July 22, 2013


   Today, at god-awful o' clock, i woke up, got ready, and hopped into my car.  I drove to the hardware store and then wandered my way to a set of vans to find my friend also preparing to embark on this journey.  Other people slowly showed up and we were directed into vans, however for some reason, we were assigned to an empty van.  My friend and one other girl and i, plus 2 adults, gt a whole van to ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed it.  When we arrived, we were put in groups.  Sadly, i didn't get put with my friends, but i did get put with some cute guys.  Then, we were given an orientation.  Apparently, i had a really good application so i won a book about the base we were at!
   Then, i discovered today was "military day" in which we had to basically act like mini military all day.  Sadly, i'm an out of shape blogger, so when we began doing push up and running around, i got tired pretty fast.  I also gt to disassemble and reassemble an M-16 and was surprised i was actually pretty fast, however, i won't be buying any sort of gun anytime soon.  Then, for lunch we had the god awful REMs (ready to eat meals) or as i like to call them, rarely edible monstrosities.  Mine wasn't all that bad, but by the time i figured out how to make it, lunch was almost over.  Plus, it was pretty gross.  Then, as a group we got to do a KLE, but 2 from our group had 2 stay behind and sadly, that was me and another cute guy.  Then, we did a CQB (close quarters battle) and that was pretty fun, except one of the guys on my team decided to shoot everyone, including civilians.  Plus, as we were trying to drag the guy 2 safety, we ended up just pulling his shirt off.  (It was a dummy, no worries).
    I finally got to come home and take a nice shower then get on to see i have officially over 1000 views!!!  Thanks you guys!!!  You really perked me up!  :)  So, this week, i'll probably be as tired as i am today, and end up witting short blogs like this.  I'll also be posting around this time or later.  I might try to write one of my planned reviews, maybe of Pokemon Conquest if i'm not so tired tomorrow.  Sorry this is up so late, i decided to draw a picture for today but it wont be done for a while to you all later!  Vote!  Comment!  Write in!  +1!  Share, and most importantly, keep coming back!!