Friday, July 19, 2013


   Hey guys!  Time to do the pet characters!  I was helping my mom set up her classroom and then had lunch  after that.  Then, i was stuck in traffic and then my mother decided we needed to buy a coloring book and some crayons so we sat here, coloring Disney princess coloring books while watching Gladiator, thus the lateness.  I'm going to just talk a little about my minor pet characters!  I don't have art for them, however i have pictures of the real animals they were based on!!  None of these images belong to me except the pictures of pippin.  I'll add Pablo's picture later.  This is a long post when it comes to Brego, but as always, look at the end for closing comments and such!  

Species:  Dragon
Color:  Black
World:  X-Men
Description:  A short lived character that was Lea's dragon who assisted her in a plot revolving around dragon riding.  He was able to speak and was based on Toothless from How to Train your Dragon.  Nelo was a character i thought f keeping in a separate plot, however he was so different to the rest of the stories, he was scrapped.  He was really a great character and would inspire a much more expanded one later!

Species: Cat....or maybe demon
Color: Tortuous Shell calico
World: Real and comic
Description:  Pippin is actually my cat in the real world!  She is notoriously bad, always getting into things, scratching me, and causing general havoc.  In the comic, she might be some sort of demon and it is noted she knows the devil cause i swear she does.  She eats souls.  However, all and all, she's a sweety to me and is actually a scaredy cat.  In fact, she's asleep on me right now.

Species:  Bird?
Color:  Grey?
World:  Comic
Description:  Pablo is a strange bird who is able to talk and has become Z's Wingman (literally).  Pablo hits on all the girls in the apartment constantly, but when things go bad, he can be relied on to help save the day.  Pablo was based on Hank Green once saying "my hair is a bird" in a video.  Based on Z's hairstyle, i used the joke in the comic and Pablo was originally going to just a one time character bu turned into a room mate and a fun character to explore.  

Species:  Western Brown Snake+Boa
Color:  yellowish green
World:  Amariel
Description:  Mate's pet snake, Mark is a fun character.  At 16, when Mate visited her surrogate mother Merelda, they discovered a small, lone egg around a few broken shells.  They brought the egg in and mate warmed it with her powers.  When everyone else fell asleep, she kept the egg close, warming it and it hatched into the loveable little snake we know today.  He sees Merelda as his mother and Mate as his sister and is used as a messenger seeing as he was enchanted by Merelda to be able to swim.  Mark has the ability to look into someone's eyes and see what emotion they feel, then his eyes change a color like Mate to show them what they feel.

Species:  Scarlett Macaw 
Color:  Red with green, yellow, and blue
World:  Amariel
Description:  A bird discovered as an egg by Captain James Arrow, he was raised to deliver messages between Arrow and Merelda.  He even delivered the letter to Mate telling her that informed her of Arrow's last moments.  He now lives with her and Jack.  A close friend to Mark, the often get in trouble together and driving Mate crazy.  Mate cares for both of them and they even sleep in her bed with her and Koen occasionally.   He is able to speak basic english, such as names and "sister", which he and Mark call Mate.

Species:  Horse God
Color:  Sable
World:  Amariel
Description:  Brego was built off the base Neloko left; he was very polite, sweet, but powerful.  He was strongly based on Brego from the Lord of the Rings.  In my story, he is the god of wild horses, self-control, will, wisdom, and power, he became Thief's closest friend after nearly trampling him to death when he tried 2 mount him.  Thief then was able to speak to him in elvish and this surprised and please him.  Thief then deemed him Brego and discovered he possessed telepathic communication.  This also allows Thief to speak to any animal, especially near Brego.  As Thef fell in love with Rahzel, Brego fell in love with her horse, Snow.  After Thief and Rahzel's marriage, they had a demi-god colt named Aralt.  The lore of the horse gods is as follows in my world:  

Brego and Snow
Legend:  "It all began with my mother and father….Epona and Tamdrin.  There were the first horses and possessed magical powers.  They watched over all the horses everywhere along with a few other creatures, but as the population increased and times changed, they realized they could not control it all on their own.  First, they created sister Lulizar from the clouds.  The god of conquest and travel, she would protect horses, making them majestic creatures of transport.  Next, from the water, they created the twins, Aonbarr and Ceffyl Dwr, the gods of the water.  Aonbarr helped the horses to live and be blessed with life giving rain, along with her kind heart to guide them.  Her brother on the otherhand, controlled the harsh winters and never ending rains that drowned our kind and also the lack of it.  Next, brother Cheiron was born from the ground.  Half human, half our breed, he taught us the ways of both.  While others of his kind were harsh, ruthless creatures, Cheiron was wise and noble.  He is prayed to for the feast and for skills and assistance in a fight.   

         One morning, as my mother looked upon earth, she saw a Griffon and a horse together.  She leant the horse her aid to live a fight against such a creature but instead, the horse used Epona’s power to mate with the Griffon, bringing us brother Aristo.  He was the most improbable of us and the luckiest of all.  Without him, our connection to other animals, including humans wouldn’t exist.  But, the times of all happiness could not last.  Out of a dark, sickly corner of the world, Hrimfaxi rose from the muck, a creature of suffering, famine, plagues and sadness.  Of course, he could not help who he was, but he brought suffering to many of our kind.  Sickness and pain swelled over our breed until, the first child was born.  Kirin.  Epona was hesitant to send her baby to defend the world from sickness but Kirin, being herself, insisted that she go.  Father helped her sneak away in the night to heal the sick.  Kirin and Hrimfaxi were then interlocked by fate to endlessly fight each other.  Or well, in her case, nuzzle each other.  The balance was set again and for the moment, horses were immune to all earthly causes, immortal creatures of near perfection…But Diomedes came.  The pale horse of death he brought suffering and endless pain to our race.  Each horse became mortal with the exception of the blessed, the elven horse, which kirin spared from a short life.  The suffering did not end there.   

        The world entered a dark phase for humans and horses.  From the blood of dead warriors and war horses on the battlefields of the first great wars rose Nazgul…the nightmare.  Nazgul brought nothing but tortures pains to all our kind.  He showed no mercy and some say he was to bring the apocalypse upon the world.  The earth was torn by the endless war and even my brothers and sisters combined could not stop him...  This is…where Gullfax came from.  A creature of hope and will, he was the only one whose power matched his.  They fought alone for months…years.  The fighting never stopped.  As the war came to an end and men began to have hope again Gullfax grew more powerful than him and smite him with the last of his power.  His brethren and Gullfax sealed him in a red stone which was broken into 8 pieces.  One for each of them and each hid the stone in their own time and place."   
Geez that was a long one huh?!  God thing i wrote that a long time ago.  So, that's it for the 2 bio weeks!!!  I'm glad everyone liked them!  Tomorrow will just be a semi-short post about a theory i have and also maybe a review of Despicable Me 2 if i go see it tomorrow so definitly check back!  It will, like today's, most likely be a later post!  Please tell me how you guys liked this and if you would like to hear more about any of the characters seen this week, or even not!  See any names that interested you?  I'll do a bio if you ask!  So, +1, vote on the new poll i'm about to put up, comment, write in, all that great stuff and check back in tomorrow!  Bye!!