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   Good morning everyone!  Sorry this one is later  I got caught up playing Clash of Heroes which is an amazing game i'll be talking about before i go to Alaska i think.  Today's character is different from the others in that she has never had a written story and in fact, doesn't really have all that much in the way of her own story.  Please forgive formatting issues like i just noticed on yesterday's.  I'm still new and this blog is how we say, derpy.  I still can't find my pictures of this character, so like last time, i'll post a picture of her fandom!  This will contain SPOILERS of the series, but only of DBZ and DBZ Kai, not any of the following series'.  Onward!!!

Name:  Rehgnig "Minori"  (guess what vegetable her name is?  Guess)
Gender:  Female
I found the picture!!!!  It's old and i didn't do her hair right

Hair:  Black with a streak of saiyan gold
Eyes: Black 
Age:  ~28
Birthday:  Unknown
Height:   about 5'7''
Classification:  Saiyan
Fandom:  Dragon Ball Z
Perspective:  Commercial break?
Origin:  Ever since i was a kid, i watched DB and DBZ and a few years ago, i created Minori, a character to pretend to be during the commercial breaks that would do something to affect the story.  This is also how Lea and Medi began, but Minori's story's couldn't really be written, especially because her love interest is taken in the show. 
Story (Spoilers):  Rehgnig, (which i finalized as her name TODAY), was sent from planet Vegeta in much the same way as Goku, however, her pod was intercepted by Frieza.  She was raised there to believe in wrong and was once assigned to follow wit Vegeta on a mission at about 18.  During the mission, she is separated from him and he assumes her dead, when really she is only stuck on earth.  There, she forms friendships with Goku and the others and never reveals much about herself, eventually turning to be much more like Goku.  However, on the battle of Namek, she followed Goku and the others and was able to prevent Vegeta's death and instead, take him to the regenaration pod and help him heal instead.  She then attempts to help Goku to fight Frieza, however when turning Super Saiyan, a problem occurs and she instead loses consciousness   When she wakes up next, the battle is over and her hair has the single golden streak in it.  From this point, Vegeta and her become closer and the rest is history.       
Abilities:  Minori has the same general abilities as most saiyans, however her tail was cut when she landed on earth. Minori is weaker than Goku and Vegeta, but unlike them, has trained more in stealth and less in brute strength, allowing her some tactical advantages.  After her insident on Namek, she is able to turn Super Saiyan correctly, however the golden streak turns back to black.
Weaknesses/Problems:  Minori is smaller than most of the other fighters and one of the few females (which always pissed me off).  Although she is weaker, she dies significantly less than everyone else in the show!  Minori also occasionally wonders if she was wrong to have turned good and is often asking Vegeta these questions, which is a problem in and of itself.             
Personality:  At first, Minori was cold and harsh, except she did try to act funny to see if she could ever get Vegeta to laugh on missions.  After landing on earth and fighting and meeting Goku, he loosens up considerably and becomes as much of a fool as he is, often joining him in his random frolicing and messing around.  She does often wonder which path was the right one, but usually decides that the one where she gets to tackle Vegeta for fun is much better.  
Family:  May be distantly related to Goku  
Best friends:  Goku, Krillin, Bulma, Chi-Chi
Friends:  Piccollo, assorted characters, Gohan
Enemies:  Frieza, Ginyu force, etc 

Love interest: Vegeta
Greatest hope:  To just be a normal girl like Bulma or Chi-Chi, to figure out exactly what a dress is and why girls wear it

Greatest fears:  Losing Vegeta and not finding the Dragon Balls to revive him, going back to work for Frieza Items:  Pink scanner, armor

  So that's it for Minori!  In case you have no idea what i mean by vegetable, ever saiyan for some reason, is named after vegetables.  Vegeta and his brother Tables are the princes.  Ya...just let the cheeseyness sink in....  Goku was originally Kakarrot or carrot, his brother is Raditz for radish, and the ridiculous list goes on forever.  I actually never found the name i wanted for Minori because well...eh, but today i found a nice list and changed one up a little for her.  If you guess the vegetable (or well, maybe not even a vegeatble...i might be bending the rules a weeeeee little bit), i'll give you a prize!  Uh...prize prize....um.........i'll actually look for my drawing!!!!  Yes???  So get to it!  Also, i you like DBZ and love ridiculous things, check out MsDBZbabe's youtube channel.  I haven'twatched if for a while so i'm off to catch up on it!
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