Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surprise!! Clash of Heroes playthrough Beta (Updated)

   S you all remember my Clash of Heroes review back in July right?  Well today as a special treat, i'll be recording myself play!  I'll only be showing the screen and i don't have a proper capture devoce so i'll be using a Microsoft LifeCam attached to my laptop.  I'm sorry if the quality is poor or if it's not great, but i thought i'd show you a bit of the game play.  I'll be recording it then posting it tonight but i can do it like a livestream if you all want without the live part!  Feel free to post comments to this post that you want me to answer on the video and i'd be happy to!  I'm going to finish installing the program and start filming in about...5 minutes so get those questions ready!  I think i'll post it as an update to this post to reduce clutter on my blog soooooo check back later!!!!

UPDATE:  The video is rendering right now!  I have to say, the quality is terrible :(  Sorry guys i couldn't find my good camera.  I'd go get your headphones ready because the audio was sad too.  It's currently about 10% finished so i should have it up anytime within the hour.  Keep checking back!!!

UPDATE 2: (2:30p.m.)  I'll be uploading the video to my youtube first then putting it here so stay tuned it'll take a while!!!!

UPDATE 3:  (3:18)  O my gosh guys it looks like, according to youtube, it'll take about 7 HOURS to get the video up.  I tried putting it directly here but it didn't work.  Maybe i'll try photobucket?  We'll see guys keep checking back for updates.

UPDATE 4:  (10:37P.M.)  FINALLY after a long day of all this editting,uplading, and sighing sadly, i've got the video finished!  The audio is still crap and it's about 41 minutes long to be prepared for that.  Have your headphones on, speakers up, and share and like!!  Link here in case you can't see it well on this site.