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   Hello everyone!  Welcome to bio week part 2!  Medi's bio turned out about as long as the others, so this whole week will e bio week instead!  Tomorrow will me Minori, Thurday Thief, and Friday the minor characters! Today i'll be talking about my anime based character who haven't really had much time in the spotlight.  Because of this, i don't remember every detail i used to know about her.  Sadly, i couldn't find my pictures of Medi or Minori  :(.  If i do find those pictures however, i'll post them at a later time.  Also, a quick reminder.  Always check the archive or keep scrolling!  I'm prone to late night posting.  So, let's get started!

Name:  Ren "Medi"
Gender:  Female
Hair:  Silver/white
Eyes: Black with Silver lining?  (geez i can't even remember)
Age:  15-17
Birthday:  Unknown
Height:   about 5'5''
Classification:  Chuunin/bodyguard
Fandom:  Naruto
Perspective:  Roleplay, in my head
Origin:  Medi began as a character i made during comercialbreak to put myself in the Naruto world when i was young, but was actually made into a character in 2010 for a roleplay.  The roleplay didn't last long and although i intended to write stories, i moved on to re-writting Lea's stories instead. 
Story:  Medi, the 2-tailed wolf demon, was banished from the leaf village as a child and forced to live on the outskirts f town.  She fended for herself and was taught occassionaly by Jiraiya and Kakashi.  After sneaking in to complete the Chuunin exams, she moved towards the sand village.  She peers in to the new Kazekage's office and sees Gaara, the ninja she most feared during the exams.  However, for some reason, she swings in and messes with him, causing him to nearly kill her multiple times until it becomes a daily occurrence for them.  She finally offers to be Gaara's bodyguard other than his siblings.  Gaara does accept after many months of fighting and she is allowed to live in the sand with him, however she still isn't treated correctly.  After some time, Gaara and her share feelings for each other, he gives her a hidden garden, and the two have a few full out demon battles half destroying the village.   
Abilities:  Medi, or Medi-chan as she likes to be called, mainly focuses on Nin and Genjutsu.  Her jutsus mainly focus on nature, especially flowers.  Her most favorite is one that causes a tornado of petals to engulf an enemy and slice them to ribbons.  She is also the 2-tailed wolf demon and has all the abilities and weaknesses associated with them.  Medi is also charming and charismatic and has an easy time getting free food and small items from people around the village.  She is agile and small, not using large weapons or wearing bulky clothes, allowing her to sneak into places many others cant. 
Weaknesses/Problems:  Medi has abandonment issues after having been banished from the Leaf village, however many people from the leaf still talk to her, such as Naruto and his friends.  She is smaller than most, so she can be hurt more easily, and is weaker to her demon side.  She also is not as well trained as many others and doesn't always know how to execute something in the best way.       
Personality:  Medi is very sweet to as many people as she can and tries to avoid straight conflict as much as possible.  She is able to win people as harsh as Gaara over and is generally responsible.  Occasionally, Medi acts like any other teenage girl and get emotional and upset, at which time its best to leave her alone.
Family:  It's rumored that Orochimaru maybe her father or a relative
Best friends:  Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, 
Friends:  Kankuroo, Lee
Fenemies:  Temari
Enemies:  Orochimaru, her demon, anyone who wants to hurt Gaara
Love interest: Gaara
Greatest hope:  To get Gaara to loosen up, to stop her demon, to be accepted in both villages
Greatest fears:  Losing to her demon, making Gaara or anyone hate her, being killed/taken by Orochimaru
Items:  Arsenal of shurikens and small weapons, a ring given to her by Gaara, key to his office (worst mistake of his life)  

   So that's it for this one!  I don;t watch Naruto anymore so i'm a bit rusty, but i swear i cried when *SPOILERS* Gaara died and then when he came baaaacccckkkk and was all cute and happy! *Unspoilers*  Ya, good times.  So anyway, the pll has been extended, so please vote!  Also, i added a share button right to the right over there above the About Me section, so share with your friends!  Also, follow me  You can follow by email or a gmail account that!  See you all tomorrow!