Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turbo review (part 2)

   Hey everyone!  Today i decided to do 2 posts!  The first was the Rant Time version f my day, and this is the actual review of the movie, Turbo.  If you don't like my reviews, please just scroll down to my rant instead!  Now, if you read my rant, you'll understand i wasn't in the best humor so my review might not be as good as it would have been under different circumstances.   So here we go!
Graphics:  9.5.  Being an animated movie, the graphics section is a
tough category.  Let me start by saying this movie has adorable graphics.  It wasn't trying to be overly realistic or showy with every detail like fur fluttering in the wind, but was just simple and sweet.  The colors were nice and vibrant, the scenery was interesting and pretty, and the movie was overall very visually pleasing and colorful.    
Sound:  8.  Again, no really memorable original music, however it did use many classics like "The Eye of the Tiger" and "We Are the Champions" well.  The music again, fit the tone and wasn't bad.  Sound effects were also nice and not over powering. 
Story:  7.5   The movie as a whole was cute and fun, however the story in and of itself has been seen.  It was very similar to Ratatouille in that it was an animal wanting to do a human thing and having a dream and a chance to, along with Cars and Talledega Nights.  A french baddie, a race, and a predictable outcome.  However, still cute so it still gets a relatively high score.  
Scripting:  8.5  Nothing extremely memorable, however there were funny moments and lines i may end up quoting.  The script as a whole was well done, and Samuel L. Jackson's character was well...Samuel L. Jackson.  Need
i say more?  Over all, fitting to the story and has a few hidden gems in the mix.
Proximity to tears at points:  0  Nothing tear worthy.  This is a little kid movie, it's happy, it's fun.  Nothing even really all that touching so if you don't want to cry, g see it!
Voice Acting:  8.5  As following the script, i liked the characters.  The voices fit each individual, snail or otherwise, well.  Plus...SAMUEL.  L.  JACKSON.  End of story.
Re-watchability:  8  I'd be willing to give this movie another shot, hopefully in a much less child-infested theater.  
Length:  7  Maybe i was just hot and tired, but i found myself getting tired and just wanting to to end.  In retrospect, i really don't think it was all that long and what was in the movie needed to be in the movie.  Nothing i would really cut.
Final Verdict:  8.5   This movie needs a second chance so maybe i'll do a revisit, however even just like this, it was a good movie!  The script is key for me and i enjoyed watching the movie, however not the experience.  The movie was CUTE.  I suggest taking a friend or family so that you can laugh with someone who is laughing at the same thing and not just the slapstick.  It was a cute movie and was very like-able.  I do intend to watch it again.  Remember when you watch this that it is made for children and you will enjoy it more when it surprises you a little with something funnier than you'd expect.  This is my review as someone not too far past being a kid and who watches a Disney movie nearly daily, so take it as that and not as a professional, as i often disagree with the "critics."  (mathematically my verdict is 7.125, higher than a few professional reviews)