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Pokemon and me part 1: History and meeting Nick (K-3)

   Hey everyone, i want to jump right to it.  The first 2 paragraphs explain pokemon a bit but i suggest reading them too because i add input and stuff, while the third is pure story but needs context so....check it out it's cool, here we go!
     Pokemon was founded in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo. The name Pokemon is the romanized, or
romanji version of it's full name, Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā).  The first generation of pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Green, were released in Japan in February 1996 for the Gameboy.  These games however, had many flaws, so a 3rd addition, blue, was added in October.  In September 1998, North America received Red and Blue, which were actually the original Red and Green mixed with Blue to fix some of the problems.  At the some time, the Pokemon Anime began in April 1997.  The anime as most of you probably know, follows Ash Ketchum around the world with friend (he should have stayed with Misty dangit!!!) with his loyal companion Pikachu.  I even remember seeing that very first episode, Ash saving Pikachu, stealing Misty's bike (which he never returned!!).  This caused the creation of Pokemon Yellow version.  It released in Japan in September 1998, and in America in October 1999.  I have Yellow, a favorite of mine actually, but i didn't get it until a few years ago from ebay!  My story actually starts in the Second Generation. 
   The Second generation moves from Johto to Kanto and begins with Pokemon Gold and Silver.  These
My very own book!  Look at those edges...
games release in Japan in November 1999 and North America in October 2000 for the Gameboy Color.  However, like with the first generation, a third game was released.  Pokemon Crystal was released to Japan in December 2000 and North America in July 2001.  This would actually begin a sort of system from Pokemon, in which two parallel games would be released, and a third would be released to fix the problems and sometimes combine or add upon the previous two.  This, along side Tomb Raider and Bug's Life, were my first ever games on my first ever console, the Gameboy Color.  I had a red and a blue GBC because each of my sisters had one.  Crystal was an amazing game, i still have it today, never having beaten it.  I still remember catching that red Gyrados and chasing after Entei and the others.  In fact, to this day, Crystal and Super Smash Bros. Brawl are the only games i have a guide to, not for any reason other than i like looking at the characters and i 
memorized every single Pokemon's stats, names, capture methods, everything!  It was my life already.

      As a kid, i watched Pokemon all the time.  Alongside DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh, these were the first shows i actually remember aside from little kid stuff like Dora.  Now, you all remember Nick from the dragonfly 
The back cover is even worse!
story.  Well, when i was little, we were on the same soccer team, so when we began school, he was my first friend.  He led me around the school, taught me what to do, and became my best friend.  Then, he introduced me to his friend, Joey.  Together, we met John and Seattle.  This was our little group of friends.  Seattle wasn't into the games in the same way. but the boys and i shared a common love, Pokemon.  We played an imaginary version at recess, running outside pretending to catch or be Pokemon, to battle and to win, just like the games and show had taught us!  One day though, during the playtime we had during class where we could do anything, while most girls played house or family, we sat at a table and picked out Pokemon we wanted.  I still, to this day, have all the markings we made in this book.  Now, i looked back last night, read through it, laughed at the dumb choices we made, and remembered every ridiculous moment i spent with those boys.  We sadly, all lost touch when Nick moved and i changed schools.  Seattle and i stayed friends for  a while, but went to different high schools.  I miss you.  All of you.  And i hope you know who you are and find this blog and get back in touch.  Now for some pictures!!  One weird thing is, There are a few pokemon that have 2 Js and a G and others with just circles or just a J, however, i don't know which Js are Joey and which Js are John  Also, no Ns appear in it, so i assume Nick was either not with us when we did it or maybe he is the circles.  I have no idea.  Plus, i didn't claim very many except the legendaries!  Many of the pokemon, such as Suicune and Umbreon, are still my favorites today!!  Stay tuned after the pictures for closing statements!                           

If you can see, there are circles around the names of certain Pokeballs aswell as the pokemon Scyther.  These were apparently my choices as a kid.
If you look closely, you can see the Js above the Pokemon

This is one Pokemon we all seemed to want!

Apparently, i called dibs on most legendaries

   So that's it for this edition!  I had to start out with the history lesson for this one, but next time, i'll talk about Gen 3 and then jump straight into the story!  I will always be giving premise to each of these, and talking about stuff.  I'm going to extend the time on the poll.  This post could be considered wither a back story or a review, but i'd put it under history of me., comment, +1, write in, all that good stuff.  Also, do you like this blog?  Please share the url with your friends!  I'm new to this whole thing, so if you know any sharing tools you would like me to add in the sidebar or bottom of the page, please tell me!  Also, what do you think of the format as it is?  To many buttons?  Not enough?  Do you like the color scheme or not?  Give me some input!  After last night, i really sort of lost hope and felt down, but for you few that still read me, i got up and wrote what i promised!  Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully with Medi and Minori's bios!