Sunday, July 28, 2013


   I...I cant even.  I would spoil everything with a review.  I am very biased towards the Wolverine movies  I know they're bad, i know they're different, but i love them.  I will say, staying after the credits gave me more glee than the entire movie and this movie nearly had me sobbing.  It was fantastic.  I might do a review of it in a few weeks when it's not so new.
   I would actually like to talk about this in a different way!  Back when i first wrote my wolverine fan fiction, i watched Wolverine and the X-Men for inspiration.  One episode involved Logan versus the silver samurai in Japan and inspired me to write a story based on it taking place in the 15 years from Logan's memory being lost to his arrival at the X-Men according to the movies.  In the story, (spoilers i guess but of my own story?)  Warren drops Lea off in Japan for training and to keep her away from his father.  She is then taken in my a band of ninjas that train her until she is 16, at which time she is sent to kill Logan.  She attempts to, then ends up helping him defeat the Silver Samurai and follows him home.  They then part ways and when she wakes from this flash back, she finds her katana and weapons in Warren's house while he is off under the control of Sinister.  This story was ultimately scraped due to it being historically inaccurate as to how Ninja's work and all that.  You may remember this picture of her that i drew.  Based on my more recent art, you should be able to tell this story was written about 2009 or 10.  I think that's the best i've ever drawn shoulders though.  As a special gift to you all, i'll let you read the first page or less of this story.  This is literally the worst thing i've ever read.  I...I'm so sorry.  It's bad.......
"I was 10, I don’t know how but I could tell I was. I still had my memory seeing as I lost my memory at 21.  I was sitting on Warren’s bed in his room with him chatting.
            “Please brother?”
            “Lea!  Come on!  You’re only 10.  I know it’s hard right now but come on!”
            “Warren!”  We were young.  His hair was shorter and his wings were small and fluffy, I knew he was growing them back after trying to cut them off when he met me.
            “Lea!  Imagine what my father would say!  I can’t fly you to Japan!  WHY JAPAN???”
            “But brother!” I wined “I want to be strong like you!  I want to learn how to fight and stuff!  Come on…here I live in a closet!  And come on warren!”  I held up a stack of mangas he had been buying for me.  Have I ever told you how rich warren is?  He did have to have me hide in the closet, but apparently I persisted on it!  He would always buy me books, mangas, comic books, games, and movies and he even had a HUGE TV in his room, I mean HUGE!  Focusing!  I finally got him to sigh.
            “Fine, but only if my father says we can.”  Of course his dad said yes.  His father despised me.  He new I would grow into a mutant and has always shunned me for it.  He has tried to hide Warren for so long, but he can’t hide who we are.
            Back to the matter of his richness, he has a jet.  J-E-T.  It is so SNICE!!  I mean, it’s so fast and awesome!  Well, Warren helped me gather a few things like the Japanese language books I had been reading for months and my mangas.  He then offered me money but I put my hand to him.
            "No big brother, I don't need it. I need to fend for myself, and it won't do any good here...they use yen." He just laughed.  He knew I had been studying the culture and the other stuff but It still seemed to amuse him.  He hugged me (he was still taller than me, by a lot but he was a lot older so I guess its ok) and got back in the jet after giving me a run down of what to do including how to find a hotel and people who speak english.  I told him I would be home when I was ready and he just sighed like I was foolish, which of course I was. After the jet (the beautiful…wonderful….amazing jet) was gone, I walked around for a bit, and soon it was night.  I was all messed up time was from the shifting of time zones plus my young age. I was walking in a less populated part of town, looking for a house, when suddenly I was captured.  Very descriptive right?
            When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by men in black, with their faces covered in mask like things.  I had seen this attire in many of my Mangas and other books.  Ninja attire. One came up to me and in English (YA ENGLISH!  Happy dance) he began to question me.
            "Are you American?" I looked at him, scared and said yes.  He laughed and i noticed i was standing in the middle of a circle of them!  THAT MANY!  I knew what ninjas did, they killed.  But what was with these guys?  They seemed….calmer. I began backing up until i bumped into one of the guys.

            I panicked.  What else could I have done?  In a flash, I flipped the man over.  He must not have been to much older than me by his size as he lay sprawled out on the ground infront of me.  DID I REALLY DO THAT?!?  Then, clapping."

That's it.  That's all the torment i will force upon you.  This story hasn't been edited since it was written, so you can see how much i've changed!  This is how awful i was 3 years ago sooo....i hope that entertains you.  Tomorrow begins my haitus.  I might post while i'm at an airport or something, but mainly, this is probably the last post for a week.  While i'm gone, i hope everyone will +1 their favorite posts so i know what to write when i get back!  I'm thinking of a poll to put up so loo for that too.  I am so glad to see all you amazing people from all over coming back to this little blog i started at camp XD  I might have wifi one day during the break so i MIGHT post something that day so keep checking!  Share this website to your friends!  Read old posts!  Write in!  +1!  Do all that great stuff and i'll see you all in a few days or a week!!!