Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5: The end!!!

    Today was great.  I got up excited and wasn't disappointed.  We started by visiting the museum which
consisted of historical documents, items from the trinity site and other big things, as well as just local stuff and army things.  They also had a range of old missiles and rockets on display where i discovered a "loki-dart."  This is a picture of i think the exact one but not taken by me.  Pretty cool huh?  I have no idea why it's called that but it made me squee with glee.  After that, we got to go to an old building that was miles out from the rest of civilization and look at lasers and even got to have a piece of burned plastic that they use to test them.  The laser facility also had a resident cat they had found wandering out all by itself, starving so we got to see that cutie too.  It was hilarious to watch a bunch of nerds go from "ooo lasers!"  to "OOOO KITTEN!!!!!"  Then, we got to have burgers and hotdogs like yesterday, and got to swim in the indoor pool!  The pool had a small slide, a rock wall, and a lot of space.  I
ended up playing "crab in the middle" (seeing as i was moving like a crab) with Myranda, Kristen, and one of the assistants, Amanda.  It was really fun and even started to rain.  We were lucky because as soon as we got out, the lightning began to hit so it wasn't like our time got cut short.  Afterwards, we went to the auditorium for a panel, asking our teachers and mentors questions about life and their jobs.  It went on for a little too long if you ask me, but wasn't as bad as i expected.  Finally, we had an award ceremony.  I won most enthusiastic of my group.  I got a little model rocket i get to build and a bunch of fun stuff!!  In the picture, i have my new rocket, 2 pencils, a pen, a camo-lanyard, my little block of laser-blasted plastic, my certificate, and a water bottle.  Today was a great day.  Here's a better picture of the laser thing.  I think today is the last day to vote on the poll so please do that!!  Comment, write in, all that good stuff and ill see you all tomorrow!!
a top view.  That's a hole burnt through it with the laser

For reference, it's about a knuckle deep