Monday, July 1, 2013

Yummy breaky and a brilliant movie.

    So, today i went out and acted like a real person!  I took my friend Camille out with me to this fantastic place, A Bite of Belgium, where i had my favorite (#2) and she had a #3.  This is an amazing place so if you haven't been there, definitely try it!!  Then, we went to the mall.  We walked around, glancing at Gamestop (which was full of creeps so i quickly exited), Hallmark (which had there really creepy pillow pet things that had pockets and creepy mouths as well as a weird little kid book about monsters which i read aloud), Hot Topic (which taunted me with Wolverine and Loki merchandise), and finally, Barnes and Noble before heading back to the theater to see "Now You See Me."
    Do you like Ocean's Eleven?  How about the show Brain Games?  Or perhaps Inception?  Then "Now You See Me" is the perfect movie for you!  It's a fantastic heist movie with magic tricks and sleight of hand!  I was impressed by the sort of things i caught from having watched Brain Games as well as the video i'll be putting below.  I won't spoil anything about this movie, but with a fantastic cast including Alfred, Bruce Banner, God, and the guy who made Facebook.  If you guess who i'm referring to, put their real names  in the comments and i'll give you a prize!!!  Seriously, no joke.  First to name all 4 actors wins...something!  Maybe a doodle?  An internet cookie?  Or just fame on my blog which is eternal glory!!!  Anyway, the movie is really great and i highly recommend it.  Below, there's a great video about body language and lies and such which play int the movie, so you should definitely watch it!

    Also, wow you guys!!!  Thanks for voting!  I can't believe you guys are actually interested in my daily life and stuff!  I would like to talk about me and my characters but i have soooo much to talk about!  I want this blog to be interactive so it's not just me rambling about things you're not interested in, so please, comment and send me messages from the sidebar.  You don't have to ask publicly remember, so ask me anything.  If you want to hear about my favorite things, games i like, a period in my life, friends, things i like to do, anything, just ask.  I think you can post anonymously if you're scared or somethin.  Don't worry about being weird.  Feel free to ask me stuff like "If you were a fruit, what would u b and why?" or stuff more plain like "what's ur favorite band/song/genre."  If i get a lot, i'll do a whole Q&A post, which i really want to do!  I want to see what people want me to talk about and what makes you guys like me!  You can also ask questions to me either about my characters or to them!  For example,  "Z, what is your favorite color?"  or anything.  Seriously guys.  4 real.  (However, if you say Lea, please specify comic, me, or x-men fanfic).  So...yup!  Keep voting, keep reading, keep loving meeee like i love yall!!  If i get stuff tonight and i get bored, i might night blog which is fun so please, tell me what you guys out there like.      

(Also, please pardon all my typos.  I write fast and the spell check doesn't always catch them)