Sunday, July 7, 2013


    Just a day to relax.  Last night i finished Metamorphosis which was depressing and then had a strange
A fantastic female Link
dream about becoming a female Link wearing purple (so maybe a combo of Zelda and Link?) who cheated some sort of system in a messed up world and became the hero even though i wasn't supposed to be so everyone hated me and i had to save the world from Ganon anyway. was weird.  Anyway, just indulged myself on some bacon and thought i should say hi.  Hi!  Tonight i'll have my Japanese class as i do every Sunday and Thursday and i also need to start reading Obasan which is kinda ironic.  Otherwise, as far as i can see, today is going to be boring.  Probably going to play Spelunky, some old Animal Crossing, and maybe some Pokemon.  Nothing too interesting.  I've also noticed you guys really liked my random short post about Han and Leia as well as my rants and backstories!  Did you guys like my little story of young love?  I thought it was kind of cheesy but only the best for you guys.  At the same time though, there's a decline in people reading me.  Am i too boring?  Talk to much?  I don't know.
      I've still left up my poll which has only 2 days left to vote on it so last chance!  So far, people want to hear about my characters!  So, i think i'll do a bio a day?  I have multiple characters in many different fandoms and worlds, however for my comic, i don't want to spoil things s i wont talk about plot or anything like that.  The order i hope to go in is:  Lea (X-Men), Lea(comic), Mate (a pirate character i use to roleplay), Medi (a Naruto character), and then Minori (a DBZ character).  The last 2 are characters i never fully developed so they might be in one post.  If i do, i'll include my other character from the same roleplay as Mate, Thief.  You have to understand, this is pretty embarrassing for me seeing as i made Lea back in 2009 and characters like Medi and Minori have technically existed since i was around 5 or 6.  Would you like this or for me to talk about something else?  Please comment.
      Also, in case you haven't noticed, you can follow me by email as well as using a google account in the sidebar (and yes, you can follow privately) along with just by your email no matter what you use, and all my social media is in the About Me section.  My twitter is linked to this so it tweets when i blog so you can be all caught up.  Next to the about me is also the links to all my Mom's books!  Check this post again because i might day blog and come back and update it throughout the day.  Finally, i generally only stay up till around 11 p.m. and wake up around 9 so prime times for me to post are from 11 a.m. to generally 8 p.m. just for future reference.  Sorry this post was so boring, but it's hard for me to come up with something to say everyday especially when it's so silent in my inbox.  Love you all and i hope you bare with me!  I'm off to Spelunk!  Wish me luck!
  UPDATE:   ya know what makes everything more epic?  listening to the legend of zelda symphony.  o yes.
UPDATE 2:  My phone is evil.  It won't let me put anything on it so i must venture forth to buy an SD card after japanese tonight.  EEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH i don't want to do this noble queeest!!!!