Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off to the races!

   Good mornin, good mooorrrnin, da dad da da daaaa.  Song aside, how is everyone!  Great to see you all ^^.  So, yesterday i posted 2 blogs, one very long one about Spelunky and what i think of videogames and another an epic retelling of my trip to Sam's to get gas.  In fact, after writting tht post, i got all the way to 3-4 before dying of some ridiculous trap, but as i said, level by level!  About the posts though, I'm wondering what people like more!  I don't intend to write more than one blog a day, in fact some day i wont even write at all, so i don't want that to be a thing, but i'd like to know what you liked better.  I also haven't gotten much if any feedback so...are you guys scared?  Or what?  Well either way, what would you like to read?  Longer posts about things i like or feel strongly about or shorter posts about my day OR really long posts that encompass both?  What i might do is write long posts when i feel like it and the rest of the time write short ones, but as you can tell already, i really like writing this blog!  I had no idea it would become this big with views from Canada, Russia, Germany, all over the place!  Thank you everyone!  ^^
    Anyway, while you all decide on your answer, i have another backstory for you!  So, all my life i've lived about 45 minutes away from a racetrack.  When i was little, we used to visit often.  My grandparents would go to the casino while my parents and sometimes my sisters would go to the racetrack with me.  My father always had a stat sheet with all the names and information and my mother and i would go look at the horses in the little side area.  My mother had always loved horses so she had a great eye for what horse would win a certain kind of race while my father based it on stats and where they were from.  I however, had a different method.  I picked which horse had a fun name and how they acted on the little side track before the race.  I looked for horses who looked like they wanted to win without being cocky.  My mother would point ones out and we would eventually agree on a horse and a place, then they would place the minimum 2 dollar bet.  Occassionaly, my father would put his own bet on so we could see who was right.  The answer is me.  In fact one day, we were sitting outside watching the races and a man was sitting behind us.  I won a few races in a row and after the 4th or 5th, he leaned over 2 my parents and asked "which horse is she betting on?"  We both made a good chunk of change that day.
    A few of you might remember Mine That Bird, the horse that won the Kentucky derby.  However, i
An actual photo from Mine That Bird when he was here!
remember that horse from when it was down at this very racetrack.  He won me a good couple dollars and when i saw him at the Kentucky derby, i knew he would win.  Sadly, there is no way in heck i could have gone to the KD and betting online is well...ridiculously shifty.  But it's the thought that counts right?  Well, why am i telling you this?  My father has tomorrow and friday off for the 4th of July and guess how we're celebrating!  It's not the same racetrack i've always been too but it's a similar one not far away.  I get to spend a couple days at the races! (sadness warning) Another reason this means a lot to me is because a few ears ago, my Nonnie lost her father, Buck.  He was very close to me and his favorite thing was horse races and as far as i can remember, this is the first time i've gone since he died.  My family jokes with me that i got my luck from him and i hope he will still be with me when i go this weekend.  (sadness over)
    All of this does mean however, i may not have a blog post for you all tomorrow or if i do, it may be at a strange time.  Same follows for Friday.  So just keep checking back and please tell me what sot of posts you like.  Backstories like this, insights on things i like, daily stories, anything.  Maybe +1 your favorite posts!  Anything you feel like.
    Also, a happy 130th birthday to Franz Kafka, author of a book i should be reading right now instead of blogging, Metamorphosis.  Yaaaa...i'm gonna stop writting and go read that now!  Bye everyone!!!!
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         UPDATE:  New poll everyone!!!!