Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hey everyone welcome back!  Sorry this is a bit late, i got caught up reading my mom's newest book in the works and then went to Nellie's with my mom and Nonnie. So, onward and upward i suppose!

 Name:  Thief, Markal, Ignatius Thunderblade, Timothy, Rana
Gender:  Male
Thief commissioned for Jazmin, my partner is crime...i mean writing

Hair:  Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age:  75 (looks in mid 20s)
Birthday:  Mid May
Height:   about 5'10''
Classification:  Dunedaine, Mutant, maybe werewolf?
Fandom:  Stereotypical princess and thief 
Perspective:  roleplay
Origin:  After my previous roleplays ended, i met a new partner who actually drew the picture of thief hat is ether up here or will be later.  Thief was created based on Flynn Rider from "Tangled", as well Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and other rougish kind of guys.  His roleplay has massively expanded to include multiple characters, including Mate and Koen, although it still focuses on him and his princess.   
Story:  Prince of the Dunedaines, he and his cousin, Archer, were sent away as babies while the Dunedaine race was annihilated as far as we know, completely.  They grew up together at an orphanage, and then were adopted by an elf named Nostalion.  They grew up in an elvish city and got their signature names seeing as Thief was always pickpocketing or taking things and Archer was amazing with a bow.  After many years of living on stealing while saving up to buy an island of his own, he ends up comiting many crimes he never reveals.  He then decides to kidnap a princess, Rahzel, and ransom her back to her father, the king.  He feels bad for her when she begins to cry and eventually lets her return home.  He continues to steal her away for adventures and bother her until she eventually begins to fall in love with him.  After tons of adventures  they finally marry and are attempting to have a child.     
Abilities:  Thief was at first only able to turn into a sort of werewolf like person, half wolf and half man walking upright, but with the help of a friend named Erdon, he is now able to turn into a wolf.  He can still talk in this state and is still himself, however he is often mistaken fr a real wolf and this causes problems.  For a while, he was even kept as Rahzel's pet.  He is extremely skilled in sword play as well as ll sorts of fighting.  He is able to take on many personas and forge paperwork and artwork easily.  He is able to draw anything as it is.  For example, he has a friend who is half fairy half human and therefor has no wings, but he sees how her wings would be and draws them. 
Weaknesses/Problems:  Like Mate, he has a sort of rage like demon inside him that can take over and cause him to hurt the people he loves.  He also is extremely vain and greedy when he comes down to it, however he is less so since having fallen in love.  Thief was given a curse, never allowing him to say the words "i love you" together in a sentence  but instead says "i rar ru."              
Personality:  At first, Thief was very selfish and yet playful.  He enjoys stealing, but after a few years began to give some of his money to a poor town to help the people in a Robin Hood esque way.  He tries to act tough or scary, but is honestly very caring and will do anything to protect animals and people he loves.  Thief acts much younger than he is due to being a dunedaine and often acts like a child.  
Family:  Archer (he calls him brother as they don't kno their history), Jeremy, Mate
Best friends: Kekor, Stephen, Jack, Talia, Erdon, Koen, Brego
Friends:  Nroth, others 
Enemies:  Darow, Main, princes who want Rahzel, Council of the dead etc.

Love interest: Rahzel Emilia Blake
Greatest hope:  To get an island all to himself, to make Rahzel truelly happy, to be a good king for her

Greatest fears:  Outliving Rahzel and Mate, being put in a cage, being locked up, being sent to hell, never seeing Rahzel again  
Items:  old Collar, swords and weapons, invisibility cloak, teddy bear

So that's it for Thiefy!  I'm off to play some Skyward Sword of Clash of Heroes so see you all tomorrow!  Enjoy the beautifully rainy day that is today and do all those things i always say to do!  <3