Friday, July 12, 2013

Hello hello

  Yet again, i have a change in schedule!!!  I've decided to put Thief next Tuesday!  This way, it was 3 bios this week and will be 3 bios tomorrow.  Why?  Well, the bios take a bit of effort, plus, i think my mom threw out a lot of my art so i need time to search for their pictures.  My schedule FOR NOW, looks a bit like this:

7/13-List of favorites part 2
7/14-Pokemon and me part 1, nick
7/15-Medi and Minori
7/16- Thief
7/17-One month!!!
7/18- Minor/pet characters (Mark, Ara,Nelo)
7/19- Zelda (childhood story)
7/20- Theory on  pokemon yellow

Then, starting on the 22nd, i will be doing a summer camp.  This camp lasts from 7:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., so my blogs will be later at night.  The week after that, i am leaving to Alaska for a family vacation!  I'm not 100% sure we'll have wifi seeing as we'll be in an RV and not in a hotel, but if we do, i will try to keep blogging.  Expect quite a few rant times.  I'll give you the final verdict on the 28th.  Remember, this blog schedule is not set in stone!  In fact, i may save some of the topics for when i'm in school and have less time to write.  I also have a few topics i've written down but haven't put on a set date!  It all depends.  

    As of today, i'll be going to Sweet Cece's with my cousin as well as just relaxing.  Today's a good day to make sure you're caught up on my posts.  This is what?  the 32nd one or something?  Otherwise, write in!  I'll be online most of the day so you can ask questions and all that.  Also, the poll only has 1 vote yall!  Make your vice heard guys.  Also, i love Princess and the Frog.  Look at Naveen derp.