Friday, July 5, 2013

Dragonflies and young love

   Hello dear readers, what have i got here?  A post a post you all can read here!  Alright that was horrid.  Pretend that reference never happened.  Anyway, i do in fact have a post!  This time about myself when i was very young, but first, a recap of my day!
    I had slept on the blow up bed seeing as my grandparents had one bed and my parents the other, so i was
in a sort of strange half on the floor position as well as freezing to death when i woke up.  For some god-awful reason, my mum decided to turn on the TV at 7.  I pulled my one blanket over my head and tried to go back to sleep, but it was futile.  I eventually trudged up and got ready, but Supernatural was on.  I've never really watched it but i've heard great things and my mum had watched the first episode, so we began to watch one abut sirens.  My grandparents got sucked in to so we all just laid there watching it then left for town.  We shopped around in town.  I ended up buying a sweet white corset-esque shirt from this brand that i can't seem to find on the sight.  I also bought these giraffe bath toys, a pink rubber duck, and a few delicious smelling bath salts (i swear i wont become a zombie, not that there's anything wrong with that as my friend Chris will tell you) at a really awesome bath soap store called "All lathered up."  I also got a rave chick.  The video doesn't seem to want to work so have just a picture.  We had some bar-b-que for lunch and then headed home.  We got back just a moment ago and here i am.  Now, while we were out shopping, we were sitting outside under a shady umbrella when we saw a dragonfly!  This reminded me of a story from when i was little.
   When i was 3rd grade, i had a friend named Nick.  If i ever do a post about Pokemon and my life, you'll get to find out a lot more about how we met and all that good stuff.  In short, Nick and i were very close friends even before kindergarten, having been on the same kid soccer team.  Nick, if you're reading this, this is about to get all embarrassing so shoo!  Nick you could say my "first love."  The first ever boy i had a crush on.  We were in the same classes K-2 because of a program  at our school called "Country School" in which you had the same teacher and class for 3 years.  Well, it was either at the end of or towards the end of my 3rd grade year, he moved to Texas and we lost touch.  That summer, i attended Sports camp, the same camp my cousin is going to now, and one i had gone to for years until i got fed up with it.  I used to be a hell of a liar and people almost always believed anything i said.  That year, there were tons of dragonflies outside where we did activities.  One day, i nearly caught one and turned to my friends and said "Ya know, i can catch them."  They didn't believe me at first but then i told them that i would catch dragonflies and get jars.  I would write a letter, put it in the jar, and tie it to the dragonfly.  I told them it would fly to Nick's house and he would write back and we had a secret code, that we were the only ones in the world to use dragonflies to talk.  Why dragonflies?  Why jars?  Why on earth didn't i say pigeons or at least something that could have made sense?  It didn't matter, because people believed me and we all saw it as some romantic fantasy (and note, most if not all my friends were boys).  I sort of began to hope and try to catch dragonflies just to test my little theory, but it wasn't to be and my fantasy soon was forgotten until this morning.
     Why did i decide to tell you all this?  I don't really know.  I suppose it's because it hit me so suddenly this morning and just made me feel happy and young and romantic.  I thought you guys might want to hear about my old self as well as my new self!  My love life, all that good stuff.  Also.  Nick, if you do read this blog and you had some shadow of a doubt it was me, it is.  That Galen.  That one.  I hope you do read this or find this somehow via some chance of fate and that you remember me and all our ridiculous antics.
    So, that's it for today everyone!  Keep voting on the poll so i know what to write about!  I think i'll do a real long post this weekend bout whatever you select.  Still no comments, still no submissions :(  but maybe you all will warm up to me soon and change your mind!  Keep checking back as always!  Have a great day and all that jazz!!!