Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pacific Rim

    Hey guys, i just got back from a fantastic movie i'd like to talk about.  I'm going to implement a 1-10 scale and rate the movie on multiple subjects.  Remeber, this is my personal opinion.  You don't have to agree but it's a thought!  Anyway, let's get right to it!
      Pacific Rim is a movie about giant aliens called Kaijus that invade Earth from underneath the ocean using a portal-ish thing.  To defend against them, the world joins together and creates Jaegers, giant mech suits that need 2, linked people to control it.  In doing so, they enter each others minds and become unified.  The government then shuts down the program and opts to build a wall instead, which fails.  Only 4 Jaegers remain and must stop the Kaiju before they "colonize" the world.  I won't tell anything else, but that's the basic premise.
Graphics:  9.5.  The graphics of this movie are honestly, the best i've ever seen.  Although a lot of action is
occurring on screen, this doesn't take away the detail.  One fault i always find in 3D action movies is when a lot is happening, detail is sacrificed for action, however i was pleased this wasn't the case!  You could clearly see each feature of the Kaiju and man, were they sweeeeet!  Also, this was the most amazing use of 3D i've seen.  It actually felt immersible rather than just things popping out at you occasionally.  It was raining on you, it was flinging debris at you, but nothing was taking away from the actual movie.  
Sound:  9.  I counted a total of 42 (the meaning of life, the universe, and everything) speakers in the room.  They had completely decked out the theater for this single film and i instantly worried that the movie would be drowned in loud explosions, eruptions, the cracking of armor and skulls, and the like, however yet again i was surprised.  The sounds were just right and didn't cover the talking and such, however some accents were too thick to understand.  The music wasn't memorable, but fit the mood and worked with the movie.
Story:  8   The story wasn't very original, but still twisted the normal "alien invasion movie" into a nice shape.  I liked the story, i liked the movie, it was great.  The movie was mostly just plain satisfying.  It's a punching aliens adventure and was better than expected.
Scripting:  7.5:  This is where my beef is with most action movies.  Most have little to no scripting.  This movie was GOOD.  Don't get me wrong, i LIKED the movie, but the scripting wasn't great.  My mother said to me "best monster movie ever!" however, i don't quite agree.  The movie was great, but in comparison to the genius that was Jurassic Park, which i can still quote today, i only think it was good.
Proximity to tears at points:  8.5   Sure, this is no Les Miz which is a 1,000 on this scale, it's not even some of those movies that are so touching you burst into tears, or even the movies where the dog dies, but
there were moments i could feel my lip start to quiver and i knew i was close, but i never actually got around to crying.  There were touching moments, there were sad moments, it was good.
Acting:  8.5  The only voice i recognized was that of the amazing Ellen McLain a.k.a. GLaDOS, but every time i heard her, i felt fulfilled in some way.  The actors weren't big names i recognized, however they were still very good!  A few characters had hard to understand accents, but overall, they were likeable, understandable, and very good for an action movie.  I especially loved that guy and his friend.  They were my favorite part of the entire movie.
Re-watchability:  7.5  This is a definite must see to any nerd who loves this sort of cheesy monster movie, however, for me, there weren't enough memorable lines and such that would make me really want to come back and re-watch it constantly like Jurassic Park or Lord of the Rings.
Length:  5  It was a good movie, but there were parts that just dragged on.  It could have afforded to be shorter.
Final Verdict:  9.  Although i have a lot of negative criticism, this is  MUST SEE.  I did LOVE this movie.  It was a great homage to monster movies as well as even kung-fu movies in a way!  It's a great movie for everyone and i was happy to see that it didn't focus on the U.S.  I love the U.S., really, but so many movies and things act like we're the only ones being affected, however a lot of this movie takes place in Hong Kong with characters from all over the world, including a female supporting protagonist who kicks butt.  See this movie.  Seeeeee iiiiitttttt!  I went expecting a cheesy, horrible move, but was extremely happily surprised!  Check this movie out and tell me what you think!  (mathematically my verdict is 7.94 so....still good!)