Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4: Potterluck and and fear

  First of all, the Potterluck is the most amazing idea EVAR.  Butterbeer, chocolate frogs (which were a bugger to try and eat with braces), Bernie Bott's terrifyingly any flavor beans, little golden snitches, candy, and pizza!!!  DELICIOUS.  Plus, watching Chamber of Secrets while working isn't that bad.  Those of you HP fans out there who never saw these back in the day, i present to you, Acciobrain, an amazing HP page of fan-art with many hilarious images mainly of the Malfoys.  Check it out.  That's a link.  Click it.  CLLIIIICCCCCKKKK

My bag is...i'd say...70% finished and can be finished tonight woop woop ^^  however my app is.......60% and needs major tweaking (not twerking, however that would be interesting).  It miiiiggghhhhttttt be done tomorrow.....hopefully.........yup.....

Now, if i wasn't afraid I'd do what?  Well, first off, I'd ask boys out.  Apparently girls have to because boys (sorry lads) are incompetent when it comes to that these days.  I'd also walk into the comic book store alone and find a comic i want without an awkward conversation.  I'd probably also play more games like Bioshock but


So ya...i'm not brave.  Some people think i'm brave because i talk to people and try to be outstanding and interesting, but i do that because i'm scared people will hate me.  I was hated all through middle school and i know people still hate me, so i try to act like i don't care.  I try to pretend when i see people glare at me for being loud or laughing that it doesn't hurt or doesn't make me feel weird and i try to act like im embracing weirdness...but honestly I'm just trying to protect myself from a world i'm scared of.  

Sorry it got heavy there at the end.  Since it did, have a picture of a kitten