Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spirit week day 2 and 3: Tired Tuesday and Ugly Sweater Weather Wednesday (maybe comic spoilers?)

   Yesterday as Tired Tuesday, and man did it live up to it's name.  I got to go to school in
ignore my derpy face, i'm bad at selfies
my PJs and a robe and was soooo comfy.  After school, i went to see Percy Jackson again with my Godmom (my mom was sick) and then went to Red Lobster for Coconut Shrimp (and of course cheese biscuits).  Today was "Ugly Sweater Weather Wednesday" and luckily, my grandmother has never made me an "ugly sweater."  I instead found this and wore it around instead so eh.  Today was overall, not too interesting as most of my days have been.  I ate lunch alone again except for Jeremy again until he decided to peace out with about 20 minutes left.  I spent the lunch playing some Pokemon X.  

     Now, seeing as it's not too interesting, I thought i'd show you my concept art for this year's Halloween comic!  This might technically be spoilers i guess so...ya.  This is not the final pictures (which i think i'll post on friday) but just me designing the characters for their appearance in this year's Halloween Special.  Unlike last year, the whole comic will be in full color!  I'm not nearly done with it but--whereas last year's was about 6 pages--i anticipate this year's to be around 12!  That does include 2 pages of just intro that i'll post on Friday.  
     Real quick, let's be clear about something.  Joellen, Myra, Jaz, and my cat, Pippin, are all based off my friends/cat IRL.  All the other characters are purely fiction.  Also, at one point i planned to draw EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in full anime form.  Lol.  Yaaa that didn't happen.  With that out of the way, here we are with my concept art!


We have Lea as Link, Z as Princess Zelda, Joellen as Clank with Cody as Ratchet, and Myranda as Ada Wong and our latest character, Chris the zombie, as the Resi 4 merchant.  
Next we have my quick sketch of the character Joel from the last of us with Jaz as Ellie and a clicker thing.  Then, we have Paul the dragonborn.  Pippin is a Remlit and Pablo is my Loftwing!  You can also see my tiny skecth of Dr. nefarious for Joe+Cody and a hat plus all the characters and test colors
Here we have the characters you might not know.  We have Z's father, Johnathan Marlow as Mario with his good buddy Sebastian as Luigi.  Then, we have SPOILER ALERT?  MAYBE?  Z's mother, Marie/the Mistress with her hair down as Peach!  Then we have the lovely miss Caterina as Princess Daisy.  This is also a bit of an attempt at a height scale but it's still in the works and not official
Here's the concept art for what was going to be the full body image of Marie.  I might actually finish this one for funzies.

And finally, the first image i drew:  me.  This was actually for helping me aquire the stuff for my costume and on the back, it had a list of all the things i needed.  I hope you all enjoyed this and i'll ost the finalized pics on Friday for you all!  

  Hope you enjoyed that!  I gotta say i'm super excited to reaching nearly 5000 views!  Soon, i'll do a livestream of me drawing a something (maybe a comic?) that you guys suggest.  If any of you know how to get to work with streaming through a canon camera, please tell me in the comments or email me here!  That's it for me everyone goodnight!