Monday, January 6, 2014

Acting and Umbreon

   HELLO HELLO!  So, for the new year just so you guys don't get bored, i think i'll post every other day or if something exciting happened.  Also, that declutters it when organized by months.  I'm going to put up a few polls about this so please share your thoughts!
    Today though, was really pretty great.  I got to go to Bite of Belgum with my grandparents for breakfast and got my usual.  Then, i had play practice that again only took an hour and went really smoothly.  When i got home, i decided to see what the status on the plushies I bought with my Christmas money was.  The Umbreon plush was supposed to arrive around the 22nd from China and the Fenniken plush around the 27th from Japan.  Well, i saw a lovely surprise.  My Umbreon plush was already out for delivery!  So here he is, our new pack opening buddy!!
So soft....
  For those of you who don't know, I LOVE Umbreon.  I always have.  I can't magine Eeveelutions without them.  For a while, i was a huge fan of Espeon's beauty and elegance and to this day I love Espeons, but somewhere in the course of my life, my love turned to Umbreon.  In more recent times, I've associated Z from my comic with Umbreon, just making the love stronger.  I don't know when i'll have another pack opening but I assume it wont be until February.  Hopefully by then, i'll have both of the plushes and we can have a real party!
    Today i also got the trial to Limbo and Super Meat Boy, 2 games i've heard a lot about, and man...i complain about Spelunky!  I was pretty good the first 4 or 5 levels of SMB but...well..that all changed when the Fire Nat---wrong thing.  Limbo though was surprisingly easy for me and pretty fun, if only a trial.  I was able to figure it out pretty easily and man...I might buy it just to look at the world because it's very interesting.  You all know i'm more driven towards story games like AC and Mass Effect, but even though this one just plops you in, it was wonderful and a nice de-stresser after some Spelunky.  It might be on my wishlist.
   That's it for me today guys, but i think i'll have those 2 new polls up any second so please vote on those!  Bye now!  <3