Thursday, January 16, 2014

Me+Free day part 3: Me+Free and Lea things! SPOILERS TECNHICALLY

   And finally, we have the actual comic related things!!  Lea's diary posts are stand alone and not necessarily cannon although there is nothing abut them that wouldn't be,  You don't have to have any prior knowledge and most things are vague and not explained on purpose.  
This was drawn about the other day.  In retrospect, it looks like Lea might be about to do something bad but really she's just running the water so no one hears her crying.  And yes, Dalton is the same Dalton as my Dalton!  Also, Jessica is a female villain in the comic who is essentially the quintessential mean girl.
Lea:  *sniffles*  *water sounds*
Dalton:  *knock knock* Lea! You ok?  I saw what Jessica did...
Lea:  h-huh?  D-Dalton?
D:  Joellen said Z's been gone a few weeks.  Does he know?
Lea:  H-he doesn't need me calling about everything
D:  O...ok...
Lea:  H-hello?  Z!  W-what?  Oh I'm happened...Dalton said what?  Y-yes...I ate...yes...I'm ok...o-ok...ok..l-love you too...Bye-bye.
Lea:  You're the best!
D: I am!
Here we go!!  I knoooow it's long over due!  But here is the final product!!  I drew the side characters just for fun and they aren't here because I wanted it to be simple.  I actually like the concept art color of Lea/Sally's skin better because it turned out too dark

The Mistress is well...Marie.  Marie is the baddy of the comic.  I tried to draw her with her hair down and with a sort of Queen of Hearts look for a Queen sort of dress, but i ended up HATING the colors and just the look of it over all.

After that, I decided to for for a purple sort of Maleficent look instead and although I like it better, this dress is still in the works but thankfully, this plot isn't anywhere in the near future!!  Oh, and that's our friend Tim who had no torso.  at all.  Thus, the anatomy of Tim. 
However, Valentine's day is coming up!  On the back of that Lea's diary, I threw together some sketches.  At first I liked the chocolate box design, then realized Perspective would be difficult and over all, it would be a problem.  I'm not set on anything, but feel free to tell me your thoughts!!

Finally, we have some newer Lea art!  This was drawn last year while i came up with the END of my first fanfiction before I had a middle, so i wrote it on paper all because I drew this.  Lea and Forge have a really great relationship that I love to play with, but I ship the original cannon of ForgeXStorm from the Uncanny X-men even though most of my stories are based on the movies and Wolverine and the X-Men (which is the version of Forge I like best).  The only problem with this picture is, Lea looks very young with a big head and small...arms.  Yes, arms.  Also, there are brown glasses in that mat of hair on Forge's head but they are hard to see.  
And finally, a HORRID drawing of Wolverine.  I can hardly draw small guys like Z and Forge, let alone buff guys like Logan!  I idea what is going on with his arm and I just...O god I can't even.  I also accidental made her too tall so I had to add a step to explain why she is up to his neck.  I use the Hugh Jackman 6'20" Wolverine instead of the original short one because...well I like tall guys.  Don't hate me.