Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Field Trip Two!

    Hello everyone!  Yesterday, I got to go on another Geology Field trip!  It wasn't as exciting as last time, but I did get more pictures and found some cool stuff.   Also, I just found out that I got a 100% on the speech I gave that day so how awesome is that?!  And in other news, I have to write a paper for Geology and I think my topic will be comparing Minecraft's rocks (their location, coloration and design, use, etc) to their real life counterparts!  If I do, I will most likely stream some of my "research" as I look for the stones I'm going to talk about and get screenshots for my paper!  I'll probably also write a much more brief summary (as opposed to the 8 page paper I have to write), for the blog.  With all that said, let's go for a hike!

Tired Already
Cool Rock is Cool
That....looks like a Dinosaur...
Craggy Cragg
Girl like at those layers
The triumphant trek home
I found a Helix fossil!!!
...Lord Helix is smaller than anticipated
Human Tracks
Coyote Tracks

P.S. Tonight I will be Opening the February "Game" Loot Crate so expect that video very soon!!