Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Great News!

   Hey everyone!  So, College is definitely going to be tough, what with the 17 hours and homework, buuuut, I have some good news!
  1. I am working on my first ever Video Game review VIDEO!  
  2. I have a new Rant Time in the works!
  3. And most excitingly, I WILL BE STREAMING AGAIN!!!!
What will be new?
     Many of you probably know that I stopped streaming due to a ridiculous wave of spammers in my chat that I had no way to stop, but I now have Nightbot as my moderator! As such, I will have some nifty Nightbot commands my users can use, a nicer chat, and a more fun experience.  I will also have more stuff going on LIIIIKE
  • Notifications when someone follows or donates!
    • These notifications will allow me to quickly thank everyone who helps out the channel and allow everyone to know that we have an awesome new person in the chat who should get all the love for their help!
  • Polls on what you guys want me to be playing!
  • Less having to moderate the chat means more focused and fun game playing!
    • Nightbot will have some built in special commands aswell so I can quickly and easily give someone links to my blog, twitter, donation link, and more!
  • If my donation goals are met, then hopefully I will get some game capture devices for consoles, meaning stuff like Splatoon, Smash Bros, Spelunky, and so much more!!!! 
  • Highlights from my streams will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, so if you miss it and something awesome happens, you still get to see it!!!
    So, big stuff is coming along!!!  Hope you guys are as excited as I am!  See you very very soon!!! <3