Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fundraising Live Stream!

Hey guys! Tomorrow I'll be streaming for quite a while to try and raise a few dollars to help buy new laptop! Join me at any point in the stream! :D  I can't guarantee it'll be an uninterrupted stream or how long it will be, but here is my tentative plan!

11:00-11:30   Set-up, introductions, hellos, AMA
11:30-12:00   151 Pokemon Challenge
12:00-2:00     MineZ or Minecraft Hunger Games...
2:00-3:30       Minecraft Minigames! (Ghostcraft, Minesweeper, Smash Bros, etc.)
5:00-7:00       Hearthstone?!

This is a tentative schedule and please take the poll on the facebook page or this one here and leave comments on what you want to see! I hope to see you all there! <3 <3

(Also, as I play multiplayer games, I will always have the server name on screen for ANYONE to join)