Monday, June 15, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/15/2015)

       Hello hello and good morning!  I'm back with more live thoughts!  First of all, I want to say I'll most likely miss half o if not all of the EA conference due to other engagements, but I will be watching the Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony conferences today!  I update about every time something is announced so....just keep refreshing!  Also, super bummed to see that Fallout Shelter is only on iOS for now... :(

10:27 a.m.:  Pre-stream is a bit awkward...


10:34:  Halo 5, a.k.a. Nathan Fillion and the Uncanny Valley

10:40:  Maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan, but Halo 5 seems...underwhelming.  I don't now why, but it seemed like it had all been done before and I'd seen it somewhere else.  Parts looked like Mass Effect or the previous Halo games...Not to say I won't play it if someone brought it over!

10:45:  Recore definitely has my attention.  Female protagonist, cute companion, and very interesting style and environment that reminds me of White Sands!  I am really curious as to what the gameplay will be like.  So far, a really interesting IP and I'm hyped!

10:47:  I'm sold!  Backwards compatibility is so important for me!!

10:51:  Meh?

10:56:  Nice to see a little more Fallout gameplay but kind of an awkward segment since no one in the audience cheered XD  

11:05:  If this tid-bit of EA is any hint at what's to come later, I don't think I'll be missing much during the EA show.  Nothing exciting... 

11:10:  Dark Souls III looks absolutely beautiful and haunting, I love it!

11:12:  The Division--Meh.

11:18:  Some interesting stuff.  Looks like there was a Behemoth game in there!  I love Castle Crashers, so I'd love to see some more from them.  Also, ARK is pretty cool!  I loves me some dinos!

11:22:  Ashen looks beautiful and very cool!  I like the faceless characters and interesting designs of enemies!

11:25:  Cuphead looks amazing!  I absolutely adore the style based on a 1930's cartoon!  The game also looks very fun so it's one I'd love to pick up!

11:31:  Not sure how I feel about Lara's new look....she looks a lot like many of the new female characters like Ellie and ellen page's character from Beyond Two Souls.  I'm a little sad that she doesn't have some more defining characteristic...but she seems to move pretty smoothely and the game looks pretty good.

11:43:  I am extremely excited for the Rare collection, Sea of Thieves, and Fable Legends!  I can even play the Fable game on my computer!  I think the graphics of Sea of Thieves is gorgeous and the music is very fun!  And also, I never got to play Rare games like Banjo Kazooie, so having a $30 compilation is AMAZING!!

11:48:  Wow.....Wow.  When they first said holo-lens, I was thinking how dumb it was, but when they show this amazing tech, I'm absolutely mindblown.  I....WOW.  This is what I've wanted my whole life!!!

12:00 FINAL THOUGHTS:  Meh.  Gears of War is not my thing.  Overall, I'm most excited for the Holo-lens, backwards compatibility, recore, the Rare collection, and Fable Legends!


4:01:  ...Stick of Truth thanks.
         4:02:  Oh sorry, The Fractured but Whole.....yaaaaaaaaaaaa no....

4:11:  For Honor....looks...Like assassin's creed.  It really does....a lot like AC.  That and Chivalry.  But of course, this is Ubisoft, so no females I see.

4:16:  The crew.....looks nice graphically, but I prefer cart racers or games more like Blur...

4:18:  W.....what the............................what even is...................................ok

4:27:  The Division looks stressful ;-;  Everyone would kill me

4:31:  Anno?  More like...A no thanks.

4:35:  ......I am always excited for Just Dance's a little strange that it's like....smartphone connected?  Obviously xbox is dropping the Kinect...but..................  Also the presentation by Jason Derulo was......extremely weak.  He sounded so out of breath and like...just plain...bad.....that was so weird......It seemed like he was cutting off his notes and words way to fast so it was almost like he didn't know what words were next....I....weird..

4:52:  A lot of talk on Rainbow Six Siege.  Nice to see real gameplay but I'm probably not interested.  Maybe though!

4:58:  mkay.

5:03:  .....Oh Assassin's Creed.....I really want you to be look so good....your assassin or..."rook" is handsome....your environment is lovely.....but........I'm worried.  I know the fiasco with Unity and I just.....Please let it be good....Also, why not show off your female assassin at all?  All we see is her beside her brother in one picture?  That's....all we get of your main IP?  That's...pretty lame.  I really want to see more of AC before I decide if I want to put my faith back in the series.

5:11:  Ghost Recon seems...ok.  It looks graphically good and the options are very interesting, but...not my style

5:15 FINAL THOUGHTS:  Ok so....I was extremely underwhelmed by this conference.  I felt like the games were all very similar and lack luster and the one game I wanted to see more of, Assassin's Creed, there major IP, got kind of shafted, not even getting to be the closing presentation.  Kind of a let down....


7:00:  Ok, time to impress me.  Tell me, why should I get you instead of an XBone?

7:06:  Omg.....omg the hype

7:12:  I have never played a game like Ico, but I have heard so many things about The Last Guardian, but that gameplay and those visuals is spectacular!  I'm very happy to see this beauty come to life and even my parents watched the trailer over my shoulder because of how gorgeous it was!

7:20:  Horizon has me the most captivated any game has so far.  It looks gorgeous, the story is a fascinating take on the "post-apocalyptic" genre, but with a much more beautiful twist.  I am very VERY excited to see more of Horizon and more of the gameplay!

7:23:   ..Hitman....yaaaaaay....meh

7:25:  Street Fighter is not a series I'd buy the PS4 for alone, but I prefer it to Mortal Kombat any day.  Would have liked to have seen a little more.  What makes it new?  What makes it better?

7:31:  Very VERY nice to see live, real gameplay at E3!!  No Man's Sky looks absolutely amazing.  I'm not 100% sure what the goal is or the real core gameplay, but the destructible environments and endless exploration are definitely very cool!

7:37:  ...Fascinating.  Dreams seems..just..fascinating, but very confusing.....I'll be curious to see the extents to which you can create....very interesting

7:38:  Firewatch looks like it has a nice style and some sassy dialogue which is fun ^^

7:42:  Mehstiny

7:44:  THERE WE BLOODY GO!  That's what I wanted to see at the Ubisoft conference!  Evie looks fantastic and I like the indepth look at the weapony.  I would still like to see gameplay thouuuggghhhhh

7:48:  First of all, World of FF ooks adorable, but like an IOS game.  Also, FFVII remake...kaaaaaay.  I know it's people's favorite, but why not make a big compilation like rare of the final fantasies so we can play a bunch in one since I've never played one? That would be cooler I think...but wever.

7:53:  ...Little weird that it's promoting a kickstarter?  But mkay.

7:58:  The new Batman looks great and holy sh** Scarecrow!  Holy sh**! 

8:00:  VR seems to really be the theme this year.  To me, the Morpheus is like the Oculus Rift, but the Hololens is like the Holo-deck.  Mobius may be better for gaming uses, but the Hololens is revolutionary in general and in the long run, more fantastic.

8:03:  .....aaaaaaand there's the Cod....
        8:08:  with some nifty bug swarm weapon
        8:11:  Looks pretty fluid though....very nice.  I'm impressed

8:18:  This announcer guy is super enthusiastic.  Suuuuuper.  I'm not a giant fan of Disney Infinity, but I'm happy to see Star Wars joining in!  Yay!  ^^


8:24:  ......No Metal Gear....interesting.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the Hideo Kojima situation? 

8:34 FINAL THOUGHTS:  I really think that Sony won over Microsoft tonight in terms of library.  The games look amazing, a lot of in depth actual gameplay was shown, and a very interesting show overall.  My favorite game they presented has to be Horizon!  Can't wait to see what becomes off all this and what Nintendo has in store tomorrow!