Sunday, June 14, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/14/15)

  Hey guys, this post will be updating constantly with my live thoughts as I watch E3 Live for the first time!  Let's get right to it!!

6/14/15 8:18 p.m.: Doom, while not my kind of game, looks gorgeous.  I'm impressed by the graphics and the presentations and I think it looks pretty cool.  The lighting is beautiful and the sounds are horrific and twisted.  Not a game I personally will pick up, but those of you who like Mortal Kombat levels of gore and shooting will enjoy it!  

8:25p.m.; Snapmap seems interesting, and I'm wondering how expansive it will be.  It's kind of like the Mario level creators on steroids huh?  Could lead to some interesting things I think!

8:34p.m.; Battlecry seems...ok, not super interesting and the announcer was a little bland and didn't super sell it to me.  Audience seemed a little meh too.

8:40p.m.;  I didn't play the first Dishonored but this trailer looks gorgeous!  The color looks very vibrant but still daunting and pretty.  I enjoy the female lead and it looks like this game could have easily fallen into the uncanny valley, but the slightly stylized art makes the people look better than games that try to hard to look hyper-realistic!  I would like to play this game!

8:46:  Elder Scrolls+Cards+Free=YES!

8:57: Welp, 1000 of the most popular names, mine sure won't be in there.  How did you survive 200 years?  Why are you the only survivor?  What happened to your family? ROBO BUDDY!!!  I love the color!!!!

9:05: I reeeeeally like the idea of the actual pip-boy+app.  That is suuuuuuuuuper cool!  (Was kind of mean to say 2 screens is a gimmick)  I just hoe the pip-boy accessory isn't too expensive....  Also, the Fallout Shelter game looks super fun!  Whether or not I get the full Fallout game, I will get Fallout Shelter!  ESPECIALLY since it's free and doesn't need internet!!!


9:14:  ....Welp....looks like I'm going to buy Fallout 4 for the shop and house building ;-; My favorite part of any game.  I will have a mansion!  I shall rebuild this world!!

9:27 FINAL THOUGHTS:  I really enjoyed this conference.  It really seems like the people behind these games really care about their work.  I enjoyed the amount of color and light in these games, hopefully leading us out of the brown-era or games.  Those figures are adorable and I'm jealous of all those people there.  I have not played any fallout game besides the beginning of New Vegas, but I might just have to get a next gen console to get Fallout 4 because it looks fabulous!  I'll need some of the other presenters to add up to a library before I'm sold on another console.  Overall, a great presentation!