Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventures with Lea #9: E3 2015 (6/16/2015)

Woops ;-;  I slept in past the Nintendo direct, so I'll watch that and then give my thoughts!

     Let's start with the intro, which was super weird.  The intro to Nintendo events is usually a skit, and it was definitely silly.  Once thy turned to the StarFox crew, it made total sense, since the games were based on the original Thunderbirds show!  The Starfox game looks absolutely beautiful.  I love everything about it, and I like that they left the silly animations when they talk that don't mtch up so it still feels like a Star Fox game!  I can't wait to try it out!

    As of the new Amiibo for Skylanders, I think it's very clever that they double as both types of figure.  I just hope they have functionality in other games because as they are now, they're cool looking but not ones I want.

    Wow.  I was...definitely not expecting a new 3DS Zelda title!  Triforce Heroes look a lot like the old Four Swords games, but without the Purple Link.  I Guess there's only 3 pieces of the Triforce and each is the color of said piece, so it makes sense.  It looks really fun but I hope that you can still get a similar experience in singleplayer because I have no friends ;-;  It is interesting that they're going with another "fashion heavy" world like in Splatoon so you can have dramatic costume changes.  Ooooh online Multiplayer...interesting.  And it does have more of a chat than Splatoon.  As of Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS, I'm a little bummed that it will have all the DLC characters and new ones that I'd have to pay extra to have on my Wii U version (which I really like) that I already own and prefer.  Maybe they will lessen the price or have some special deal when it comes out?  And what is that gold ocarina??

   Metroid Prime Federation Force is...not the Metroid game I was expecting.  It reminds me of one for the DS that I used to play at lunch at the PREP summer camp in middle school with a bunch of my guy friends.  To me, it looks more like just a mini-game pack, but if they retail it for a low price, maybe I'll pick it up.

     Fire Emblem Fates looks intense.  I have only ever played the demo for the last game, but I feel like I need to play all of them to catch up with the lore ;-;

   Um....I don't...know what that game was and it doesn't have an English title so I'll just call it FE.  Is it like...a Fire Emblem....rhythm game?!  Or a new IP?!  I seriously can't tell...

   Xenoblade Chronicals X....looks nice.

   Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer looks very cool, but I have yet to buy new Leaf, which I think looks more fun.  I do love to decorate though ;-;  I spent so much time in my mansion in Wild World so we'll see!

    Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival looks like it will be a sort of Mario Party-esque game but I can't tell if it has any sort of like...mini games in the way Mario does.  Also, if you need amiibo for every character, they cost is going to be ridiculous unless it's sold with some amiibo...

    Yoshi's Wooly World really looks amazing.  I've liked this game since I heard about it last year and loooooks it's so cute ;-;

    Yo-Kai watch looks.....kind of like Pokémon but also not?  I'm really not sure what to feel about this game so I'll wait for some reviews

    I'm a huge fan of both the Mario and Luigi games and the Paper Mario series, so the two put together looks so good!!!

    Super Mario Maker does seem really really fun.  I'm not very creative, but hopefully there will be a way to play other people's levels so I can learn some tricks!  I also liked seeing the original designs and you can really see the team put so much love and care into those original sketches and still do <3  Very cool that they have a practice event!

  I also liked to see them taking some new direction with some of their amiibos like the 8bit Mario and plushie yoshis!  I might get a plushie Yoshi whether or not I get wooly world just because he's so cute ;-;

   Overall, a very good presentation and they jammed a lot of stuff into just 1 hour!!