Monday, September 14, 2015

My Laptop Is Breaking :(

     Bad news everyone, my computer is breaking!  My laptop is my only computer and the screen is about to snap off, so I can't even close it.  I'm going to have to buy a new one, so I definitely won't be buying any new streaming or filming equipment because I have to save up for a laptop ;-;
    At some point in the next few weeks, I'd like to do a fundraising stream to maybe help raise some money to get a laptop better than this one.  With luck, we can get a new laptop with better processing power so there'll be less lag on my streams, better quality footage, and better streaming and videos all around!  People who donate will be added to my list of thanks and I will love you eternally!  Also, if you guys know of any good laptops <$500 or $400, preferably windows and not a tablet/touch screen, please leave a suggestion either in the comments or in the donation comment box!  Thank you all so much for being there everyday!  I love you all!  New posts on the way, I promise!  <3