Thursday, October 22, 2015

Me+Free Halloween

   Hey guys, obviously Halloween is well on its way!  I always try to make Halloween special for Me+Free.  This year, I've really been lacking on the comic and so I want to do a nice special!  In the real world, this year I'm dressing as a college Hufflepuff with all my clothes so I was contemplating doing that as well in the comic with Z as the Gryffindor he is, with Pippin and Pablo as their  Pa...anyway!

If you guys have any cool ideas for what they should dress as, give me some ideas in the comments!  I also like to have everyone in the house themed the same, so if you have a big ensemble idea, that works too! 

For example, here's the 2012 special.  In 2013, I did a video game special with Lea and Z as Link and Zelda (respectively ^^), and 2014 I did a Wicked themed one with Lea and Z as Elphaba and Fiyero!  If I get a lot of suggestions, I might do a drawing Livestream!!!!!!!!  To see some other themes I've already done (including Nightmare before Christmas), check here!