Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: part 4 Comic!

 This is last years Halloween comic, un-editted due to time and stuff.  What's being said will be underneath in case it can't be read,  The brightness is down and contrast up so hopefully you can see it.  I picked last year's because it takes the least context!

A Very 'Venger's Halloween:  Loki, Tony, and Fenrir

Jaz as Nick Fury Jaz: "Avenger's Assemble!"
Myra as Bruce Banner, Basti as the Hulk, Pablo as Hawkeye, Z as Tony Stark, Meg as Black Widow, Joellen and Cody as Captain America and Agent Coulson, Paul as Thor
Lea as Loki  "Pathetic Midguardians!  You can not stop me!"  Pip as Fenrir:  "rrrr"
 Lea:"Mr. Stark, so we meet again."  Z: "Hello Loki"
Lea:  "Well now/  Since I have conquered your leader, I am in charge."
Paul:  "Brother...*sighs* fine.  What is your will?"
Lea: "To the pumpkin patch!!!"
All: Woo!!

Z:  "So let me get this straight.  We're going to stay up all night and wait for the Great Pumpkin?"
Lea:  "That's the general idea, yes."
Basti:  "My first special!"  Myra: "Hey! No breaking the 4th wall!!"
Pablo:  "Sooo I heard the ladies love a man in uniform" *smirk*  Meg: "You realize this is a real gun?"  Pablo: "Shutting up"
Lea:  "Here we are"
Paul;  "Midguardian wonders!"
Jaz:  "You guys!  Look!!!
Lea:  Holy crap...
Pumpkin:   "RAAAAAA"  All:  "GAH!!"
Z:  "What the...   Lea:  "The Hell?"
Lea:  "Is this...a pumpkin seed?!"   Z;  "M-mhm..."
*Rec*  Lea:  "Loki's log...Day 5.  We've run out of candy .  I'm afraid we'll have to eat someone"  10:30:15
"I've got my eye on Coulson over there.  He looks tasty..." 10:30:26
Z:  'We've only been in here for 10 minutes!!"  Lea:  "T-that's forever!"
Z:  "Well, obviously...."  *snag* "I need a drink" *shank*
Myra:  "'re a genius!"
Z:  "Well...duh"
Myra:  "We need to escape...we each have a special set of have to team up to escape!"  Jaz:  "Hm...."
Z;  "What are our assets?"
Myra:  "Well"   Lea+Paul:  "To Valhalla"

Jaz:  "Hawkeye, Black Widow, make some holes!"
Pablo+Meg:  Yes sir.  *PEW PEW*
Z:  "Alright!  Loki, Thor, Do you Asguardian thing!"
Paul: Ready brother?   Loki:  "Indeed"
*stab* *tink tink* *carve*
Cody:  "...Go Cap'n"  *stab.  shaky skaky*  *chink!*
Jaz:  "We're through!"
Myra:  "Time to get angry"  Basti:  "RAAA!"  *Pop!*
All:  "Have a lovely Halloween!"

    So that was last year's Avengers themed Halloween special!  This year is videogame themed!  I'm actually feeling a bit tired so the top 10 things to watch on Halloween will be posted tomorrow!  Also, fun thing to note.  That JackOLantern has appeared in every Halloween special in my comic!  In the meantime, please vote on the new Halloween themed polls and make sure you read the other 3 posts!  +1, share, and make sure to have a safe and fun Halloween!  Don't take candy from---o wait.

~Lea <3