Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top 10 Ice Types

    There are not NEARLY enough ice types, with only around 30 or 40.  I think though, these festive little devils are just adorable!  For a long time, they were the only defense against the overpowered Dragon types.  This list included Pokemon that are ice and some other type, otherwise there just wouldn't be enough!  So, let's get straight to it! 

10.) Swinub- Swinub is just plain cute.  I remember playing the ice cavern thing in Crystal and running into this adorable bugger.  Thinking about it, it reminds me of biffy!  That shaggy adorableness.  I always used to think Swinubs were asleep since I never saw their eyes.  Although its evolutions are more…competitive I guess, swinub’s cuteness earns it the spot on my list!

9.) Regice- Regice is my favorite of the 4 golems and I think I know why.  I’ve always had a thing for the look of ice (maybe because we never see it here) and I just think it’s the prettiest.  BTW, all the Regis are based off an era, regice obviously being the ice age with regirock the stone age and regi steel the bronze and upward to now!  Cool right?

8.) Jynx- This Pokémon…is admittedly creepy as hell.  For some reason though, I always liked her design.  I though the dress was nice and at the very least she was…interesting.  There is a lot of controversy over her but I suggest you check out these links to get a better grasp on Jynx.  I actually really liked Jynx as a kid and really wanted one and my yearning has started anew with all these videos actually!  Being the subject of so much talk, I really am interested in this Pokémon’s origin.  I also always thought of Jynx as either the third in a trio with Magmar and Electabuzz, or as the lady version of Mr. Mime (even though for some bizarre reason, 50% of Mr. Mime are girls….).  I really wish she had been given an evolution like Magmar and Electabuzz....all well.

7.) Glalie- I always like Snorunt and Glalie and really thought it was interesting.  Seeing as I had no idea how to get a Froslass, I got a Glalie instead.  It was just an overall goodie until…I watchedthis video (at about 7:50)  Um…ya know…I just…ya.

6.) Spheal- It’s a seal.  And a sphere.  It’s just…a seal.  What on earth is cuter?!? 

5.) Sneasle – sneasle is the original badass of ice types and in fact, one of the most epic of all Pokémon.  Its evolution is also amazing, but sneasle was my first love so it’s the one who gets the slot.

4.) Glaceon- As everyone knows, I have a deep love of all eeveelutions and I always loved the design of Glaceon.  I think it’s pretty, elegant, and was a nice addition to the family, fitting right in after 2 gens of nothing new.  However, the method of evolution confused me for quite a while.  Glaceon is cute, cuddly, and a great ice type!


3.) Lapras- Lapras only earned 8th on my list of Gen 1 Pokémon, but it is definitely one of my favorite ice types!  I won’t go over it all again but I love you Lapras!  <3

2.) Arcticuno – For a very long time, I owned Pokémon 2000, featuring Lugia and the legendary birds.  I always thought Articuno was beautiful.  I can’t say if it’s my favorite of the birds because of Moltres…but fun fact!  Articuno is a combo of Artic and Uno, Spanish for 1. Thus zapdos (zap and two) and moltres (molten+three) are a little trio of Spanish birdies! 

Honorable Mention.) Delibird- Dear Santa bird, for Christmas I’d like a present that heals my Pokémon!  A lot of people hate on Delibird, but this sweetheart saves people!  Yes, he’s a bad Pokémon to use, but he’s a lovely little guy!!  He’s so sweet!  This Santa bird helps hikers with his food and helps your Pokémon in battle WHEN FIGHTING YOU!  If he was a bit better of a competitive guy, he’d actually be on the list.  Since it is the season, happy holidays to all the Delibirds!  <3

1.) Amaura- A real shocker really.  I was sure I’d top this list with Articuno but then I looked at those big, cuddly eyes and knew this cutie was perfect.  Amaura was one of the first Pokémon I saw released for X and Y and I knew it was the one for me.   Amaura is sooooo adorable; I spend a lot of time with him in my Pokémon Amie because of the adorable sound it makes!!  Amaura is just too cute.  Yes, its evolution is pretty and impressive, but I definitely prefer the baby!  Welcome to the Pokémon family Amaura, you adorable dino you!

   So that's it for today!!  Sometime tomorrow, i'll post the Christmas special you saw the concept art for and pictures of my haul!  Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and have a good night everyone!!  <3