Friday, October 9, 2015

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Mini-Review

   Hey guys, school has been crazy busy!  Plus, when I'm not doing school/working, I'm on the eSports team and playing Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer!  I've been pretty darn booked, but I still remember you guys!! I can't stream today because of my mic, but I'll see what I can do.  In the meantime... 

Mini Review!!!!!

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS)

You are a new employee at Nook's Homes (a totally missed opportunity to call it Nook's Nooks or Nook's Crannies) and your job is to design the homes and facilities in your area!

All these pictures are mine ^^
Movement is done with the circle pad, the camera uses the d-pad, the shoulder buttons take pictures, and everything else is on the gamepad!  You can pick, rotate, and place furniture with the stylus!  Also, by using Play Coins (gained by walking around) you can learn to change the color of furniture, change the house's layout (including adding extra rooms), and more!  It's a nice way to spend those Play Coins I get walking on campus.  The majority of the game consists of making themed houses for different residents, but you can also work on the school, hospital, and other buildings in town! 
         The big gimmick is using "Amiibo cards" to design the houses of particular characters.  At the moment there are 100 cards, each sold in packs of 6 for $6 with one free inside your game when you buy it.  Unless you have a New 3DS, you'll need a card reader, which normally goes for $20, but can be bought in a bundle with the game for $50 total which is half price and not bad!  I was super hoping for and got Redd!!  Yaaaaay!!! 

        Also, you can upload your creations online for others to see!  Below, I'll have some of my QR codes for you guys to visit!! 
        However, this all means it's very different than the other Animal Crossing games and I was a little sad that I don't even get my own home to decorate!  If you like the "do what you want, fish, make and spend bells" aspect of the other games, this might not be for you.  However, I've found this game very therapeutic and a very nice game to play in short bursts between classes or before bed.  It also feels a lot more like the Sims in that you have a lot of items to use, but you have no budget and no people to control that will inevitably die trying to make dinner.

The music is great and classic Animal Crossing.  It has a very peppy and happy mood the whole time and is worth playing with it on!  The sound effects are a nice satisfying "plop" and everytime you type, there's that cute little voice narrating the letters.  Each character has a distinct voice and mannerism and they're just wonderful <3

It's Animal Crossing.  It looks like Animal Crossing.  This time around, you do get to pick your hair, skin color, and eyes.  You can only change your pants and accessories, not your shirt because you are always in uniform.  A lot of the furniture goes well together and you can make very cool, stylized rooms.  However, some of the furniture and stuff is a little too out there for my taste, but I try to make the rooms fit what the customer wants, not my personal preferences. 

The game is a very nice, slow paced experience.  I am a bit sad that you can't walk around randomly outside the town even though it makes sense from a technical stand point, and I wish there was a grading system.  I understand they didn't want the game to be hard or stressful, but it would be nice to get rankings or grades.  Other than that, it's a nice, simple game I like to play to relax.  I recommend it to anyone who likes designing and being crazy creative!  Have fun with it!  <3

Here are some of my homes!  If you have the game, use the QR codes!!  

Some other Home codes:  (Some might be repeats sorry)