Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adventure with Lea #10: Winter Break and the Year in Review!

    Hello hello my lovelies!  It is almost 2016 and it's been a while since we've had a nice, long post about all the stuff I've been up to!  You see, I like to do recaps of the year, but to be honest, less really happened this year worth talking about until this break!  Last year was pretty eventful though XD  Soooo, let's talk all about my now half-completed winter break, a few other big things that happened this year, and what's to come in 2016! 

    Firstly, a quick look at some of the things that DID happen this year:

  • I turned 19
June and July-
And here we are!

     Now, the break began on the 11th, which also marks approximately one year of being single yet again!  However, being single means more time for streaming amiright?  Now, the biggest things that have happened so far have been mostly pretty good after the aforementioned depression.  I discovered Pippin and I will be moving into the famous land of Ap'rtmant very soon which has brought some conflicting feelings, but overall, I'm excited!  The best part about this is that it means I won't have roommates, a loud dorm building, etc so I can livestream a lot more or at least as frequently.

    Then of course, CHRISTMAAAASSSS!!!!  I won't go over everything I got of course, but the vast majority ws kitchen/house supplies for the apartment including a toaster, some whisks, multicolored knives and spoons, etc.  I also got a few movies and an XBone!!!!!  Yaaaayyy!  The best part about that is it also will function as my DVD/Bluray player in my new house so two in one!  Woot!  Also, my grandparents got me this silly Deathstar Jelly Bean dispenser and I love it.  I have decided all who enter my house must bring a jelly bean offering to this great being.  It's dorky and I love it!  I also got a new, much better editing software and was finally able to upload my BirdKeeperToby "Wants to Battle 2015" Tag video!  Also, you'll notice I FINALLY colored in the Lea reboot outfit for the thumbnail/my profile picture.  I did it painstakingly in MS Paint because my Photoshop trial ran out, so it looks a bit pixely, but it's better than just black and white!

   The day AFTER Christmas, we finally got snow down here!  I recorded a vlog, talking about all the things in my life, snow, and building my first really large, beefy snowman!  I had a really great time filming this video so I hope you guys enjoy a brief tour of my snowy desert backyard in NM.

      The next day, I traveled through the snow all the way to AZ to visit my Nonnie and Uncle Brad and had a pretty awesome time.  I got to try a lot of food, see their new house, and more!  On the last day, we went to the zoo and then departed for home.  One weird thing about where I live is the sheer amount of weird things to stop and see along the road.  One such side track is "The Thing."  All my life, I've driven past huge one of the 247 billboards for "The Thing" and never been, but finally, on the way home, I convinced my mother to stop and we had a quick stroll.  Now, I won't ruin the mystery of The Thing, but if you enjoy a good laugh, silly, kitchy sorts of things, and are in the area, I suggest you take a quick walk.  It's only $1 for adults and was pretty amusing.  I decided to snapchat a bit of that day (but none of the actual The Thing so it keeps the mystery), so here's my story from that day!  Pardon the length of some of the still images!

Now, to end the year off and start the next on right, I'm hosting a livestream tonight starting at about 11p.m. MST and going until about 2:00 a.m. MST!  I hope you can all be there to talk about whatever!  I'll be playing Cave Story+ and of course, talking!  You guys are free to ask anything, talk about stuff, ya know, just have fun!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and will have a great New Year <3