Friday, October 31, 2014

Disney Villains: Oogie Boogie

  What is more terrifying than the Boogie-Man himself?  How long it took me to do a new Disney Villains Segment, that's what!  Hello hello my lovely Halloween ghouls and ghosts!  Welcome to a long over due segment of Disney Villains!  In reference to my second favorite holiday, I decided to do one of the spookiest Disney Villains, Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I've actually done a little theory on this baddie before and last year's Christmas Special was inspired by it tooooo!  Some people argue he is not Disney, but they are very wrong.  In fact, at this time of year until around Jan,the Haunted Mansion ride gets Nightmare-ified!  I personally like it more than the normal Haunted Mansion because it's a little less spooky and I like not spooky.  Now, the boogyman has been around for centuries, so, let's start with the history this time, and THEN talk about the movie version of this baddie.

    Oogie Boogie, The Boogie Man, Mr. Oogie, "Sack Man" (Latin countries), "El Coco" (Spanish-speaking countries), "Babau" or "Bau-bau" (Eastern Mediterranean areas), "Butzemann" (Germanic countries), and SO MANY MOOORREEEE.

     "Gambler, Serial killer, Cannibal, Ruler of Bug Town (formerly), Lock, Shock, and Barrel's boss" (via Disney Wiki)

    Monster, sack creature full of various bugs.  (ew)

In Legend:
Que Viene El Coco (Here comes the boogeyman)
     From our earliest memories, we have been told about the boogie-man, whether he is lurking under your bed, in the shadows, or in the closet, we have always feared the scary thing.  In almost all cultures, there is some representation of a "boogie-man" as we know him.  In most cultures, the boogie-man steals away, kills, or eats bad children who disobey their parents, stay out late, etc.  In most cases, the boogie-man is the embodiment of terror or Satan himself.  The character himself is seen in many ways.  Sometime, just as darkness itself, sometimes as a skeletal or very old man, sometimes even as a woman or gender less.  The boogie-man was also portrayed in another kid's movie I love, The Rise of the Guardians, as Pitch Black.  People with anxiety like myself will most likely still believe there is something under your bed, and this jerk is to blame.  Each culture has their own boogie-man that does their own thing based on that culture's views and morals, which means there is sooooo much to work with on this guy.  All the fear in the world is centered on this belief in one way or another so, he's got quite the legacy!

In The Nightmare Before Christmas:
    In the movie, Boogie is the boss of the evil trick-or-treaters, Lock, Shock, and Barrel.  He is made of a white/grey sack (that I thought was green forever but it turned out to be just the lighting) filled with hundreds of bugs and stitched together which is terrified and most likely in reference to most legends telling of a person who carries bad children away in burlap or mesh sacks, like what he is made of.  This would also make sense why he has children henchmen, as if he kidnapped them and made them his slaves in essence.  Their fantastic song, "Kidnap Mister Sandy Claws", shows they are scared of him and for good reason!  He even eats bugs which he is made of sooooo a cannibal...unless he's just adding it to his body colony?  I...don't...even know really. Let's also talk about what his goal in the movie is: KILL Santa Clause.  Why?  Just cause.  No real reason.  Just cause Jack wants him.  He loves to torture and hurt people for fun, as well as gamble, even though he is horrible at it.  Boogie is a baddy, but honestly, he was not the scariest character in this story.  I always found the zombie family, the monster under the bed, and baaaassically all the rest, to be pretty terrifying.  So, let's get to the analysis.    

Deaths Caused:
    Well, we don't actually know!  There are no confirmed kills for Boogie aside from the bug...maybe?  He is trying to kill Santa and Sally however, so 2 attempted murders of the beloved figure of our favorite holiday and a heroic Sally!

    At least 2.  He captured Santa and Sally and attempted to kill them both.  Also, he is known to enjoy torturing people, so we can assume there were countless more before them.  Perhaps those skeletons all around are more of his victims.

Harm to Protagonist and Company:
    Weeeeelll read the previous....and enjoy this picture of seductive jack  being seductive.  But in all truth, he's a bad bro and caused younger me much trauma when he explodes into
Dat jack doh.  Source

      Well, the childhood trauma over the centuries has ingrained this baddy into the minds of millions.  This movie does this guy some justice, but he only gets a measly 10 minutes of screen time including his epic song.  Honestly, I don't think he was as scary as he could have been and he didn't ACTUALLY kill Santa or Sally, so from what we see in the movie, not so bad.  Aside from some childhood trauma that, like Pitch says, fades with time, it's not too bad for those of us he doesn't get a hold of of course.  However, the boogie-man as a whole receives....


  If you want more spooky stuff about this classic villain, I highly suggest checking out the versions from other cultures!  I think a few of them are actually scarier than this buggy-sack so, if you're a history buff like me, checkem out!. Now, here's this jerk getting his dues!