Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: part 3 The Top 10 Halloween Candies!

    Everyone has favorite candies to get on Halloween.This is my top ones.  Feel free to tell me your favorites in the comments!!

10.) Popcorn Balls
         I always loved the individually packaged popcorn balls they gave me in 4th and 5th grade.  They were super yummy and sweet but i haven't had one in a few years.  They were always a treat.

9.) Caramel Apples
         When my godmom or other people would give me a big, shiny caramel apple, i know things were serious.  It was always very rare and very special to have one of these wonderful snacks.  Sadly, this year i wouldn't be able to have one with my awful braces :(

my collection
8.) Candy Cigarettes/Sugar Sticks
        One of the more rare treats was the "candy cigarettes."  I especially loved these because they generally came in a Marvel box and sometimes came with a tattoo!  I myself have a collection of the boxes i acquired last year during a school field trip.  Sadly, the Halloween sets usually only had 2 of the delicious sticks of pure corn sugar.

7.) Milk Duds
       O god i LOVE Milk Duds.  I especially loved that other people hated them.  I was able to mooch so many of these off other people in exchange for things like Whoppers it was fantastic.  Sadly, none for me this year :(  DARN YOU BRACES!!!

6.) Twix
    Twix Twix Twix. You lovely caramel crisp deliciousness.  Need i say more?

5.)  Banana Laffy Taffy
     O lordy.  O LAWD.  I LOVE banana laughy taffy.  Specifically banana.  This was also an easy grab from friends as a lot of people perfered the strawberry or other flavors.  Don't get me wrong, they're good, but they aren't banana good.   

4.) Full length candy bars
     You know that one big house with all the decorations?  The one with all the fancy gates and sound effects?  That's the one.  It could be one of 2 people; the really awesome person who gives you the biggest candy bar on the block, or the stingy guy who gives you floss.  For most people, this would be number one on their list, but i've got a bit more to go.  I have to give those guys credit though, they know how to make a kid smile on the best day of the year.  I especially love mr. goodbars, but for those guys who go all out and get the more obscure, more delicious, bars, i applaud them!

3.)  Goodie Bags!!
       What do i love the most?  Those really nice old people who never quite know what to give kids so they make little bags and let you take one.  These bags generally include a combo of candy, toys, rings, and other fun and tasty treats!  I especially love when you get there toward the end and they let you take the left overs they don't want to stay up to give out.

2.)  Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Peaces
     I've always loved that tasty combo of peanut butter and chocolate all in one little circle.  So yummy.  So perfect.  But not number one!

1.) KITKATS!!!!
    That amazing moment when you open your bag and see that red, slender wrapper.  I LOVE KitKats.  That satisfying crunch with silky smooth chocolate in a tasty, snap-able package.  Just a few minutes ago i heard a little girl share my feeling as she looked into her bag to see the kitkat i drppped in and uttered a successful "yes!"