Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: Part 1 of 4 or more!

    Hello hello everyone and welcome to my especially spooky blog!  Today, i'm going to talk a bit about myself, Halloween, and s'me other stuffs!  I'm actually going to have FOUR WHOLE POSTS!  This one will talk about my past, present, and hopefully future with the spookiest day of the year.  The next will be my costume and my favorite one of the past costumes along with (maybe) my Halloween comic from last year!  I'll also have 2 top 10 lists!  The first being my top 10 trick-or-treat candies and the second my top 10 non-scary things to watch for Halloween. So keep checking!

The ghost of Halloween's past:  
   First of all, as you all should know, i'm terribly afraid of almost everything involving death and all that.  I'm especially scared of ghosts, skeletons, and zombies and this day has been the most popular for all this.  As a kid, i loved Halloween for the candy and the dressing up, but as i went into middle school and even early high school, i began to realize what a scary world it became in the time leading up to Halloween.  TV wasn't safe as 90% of the content was horror movies, scary commercials for new horror movies, and ghostly encounters shows.  The internet was laden with jump scare videos and mazes which to this day make me wary of links and things people "want to show me."  Even people weren't safe as ghost stories and camp-fire tales would be whispered around me.  When i was little, i used to be scared of vampires and would be sure to have the blanket all the way up over my neck every night.
    I remember in either 4th or 5th grade, girls at one fire drill told me about bloody mary (no, not the queen of England) which to this day scares me and makes me afraid to look in the mirror.  I went to sports camp where everyone sat around telling scary stories, some of which i still remember and that haunt me.  I live in a town with a lot of old houses and a restaurant my family frequents on mother's day is haunted as well (but apparently, the ghost is rather nice as she apparently leaves people alone most of the time).  Not to mention a river where a woman supposedly(scary ahead) drowned her children and wanders the shore looking for them and will capture any kids or adults she sees and drown them too. (No more scaries)  People have never understood how scared i was and would often taunt me for it.  I had a friend who would invite me to her birthday party each year and, even though each year i asked her not to, she would either show a scary movie or tell ghost stories.  Almost every year i called my parents around midnight to come pick me up.
     I have never seen any of the "Saw" franchise, and scary cabin movies, or really any scary/horror/thriller movie.  The worst part is, just seeing the commercials or the scene from pysco and other movies give me irrational fears even though i haven't seen them!  Just last year at the choir concert, people were telling stories of hauntings and, after they refused to stop even after i asked, i had to leave before having a reaction.

The Zombie of Halloween Present:
these cuties
   How did i cope?  How did i get past it?  Well let's go step by step.  Vampires?  My sister introduced me to one of my favorite bands, Franz Ferdinand, petty early on.  She would tell me how they were vampires because of their lyrics and soon, instead of associating them with scary things that will kill me, i associated them with handsome musicians who might just want a taste.  A lot of people say this sort of thing is a problem with media today as it destroys vamps as they used to be, but with scary-sexy vamps like Spike, i don't mind.  These new vampires helped me past a fear and even helped me create characters like Z by reading the Vampire Kisses series.  But i still hate the fairies of Twilight.
   Ironically, i have become less scared of Zombies due to my dream with Slenderman saving me from them!  2 scary birds with 1 stone!  As of mummies, which you heard me talk about in this post about my dear Kaiba, died out once i saw the 3rd Mummy movie and realized it wasn't as bad as i thought.  I then watched the 1st and found out mummies hate cats and, seeing as i sleep with Pippin nearly every night, i felt safe.  For the record, on Kaiba's birthday, i watched the Yu-Gi-Oh movie all the way through.  Man was it bad XD  But i loved it!
   I have come to ignore thought of the ghost stories when i can afford to and instead fill my head with well...this blog!  My role-plays, my comic, and my fan fiction are great distractions from the scaries.  Places like Tumblr on the internet have shown me the cute side of Halloween with adorable foods costumes, and adorable versions of previously scary things.
  Commercials still have the ability to scare me into nightmares.  Often at night, when i close my eyes, i see skeletons or zombies rather in detail, even if i haven't seen a scary thing in a while.  I have been able to overcome this with setting my mind on a story.  On the worst nights, my stories become twisted so looking at a characters face shows a skull or degrading corpse and i have to wake up and try again.  I sleep with my fish-tank light on.
      As it is, i am still scared of so many things, but i have come to adore Halloween!  It's a time to be whatever i want, wear the coolest outfit in the school, and get free candy!  This is the first year i'm not going trick-or-treating but i demanded that my mum give me candy anyway.  I was actually really disappointed by the number of people who dressed up.  There were not nearly as many as the past 3 years. Those who did though, really went all out.  My friend Donald was Danny Phantom, 2 girls in the hall were Mario and Luigi, Jeremy was Snake, and one kid had a Lugia outfit!  And i, of course, was Link!
   My family has a big party each year and this has just given me a greater appreciation of the adorable snacks and fun costumes.  Everyone, including my grandparents, dress up for the party in elaborate costumes and it's so fun.  Also, every year, i go to Albertson's with my mom to get groceries and we buy some magazine with snack and decoration ideas just for fun!
   Not to mention Halloween is the biggest event in my comic.  It was the first holiday comic i did, totaling 4 pages and this year is estimated to reach around 12 pages!  I might post last years for you in one of the posts tonight!

The Vampire of Halloween's future: 
     I do not intend to stop dressing up for the rest of my life.  My family has shown a ton of love for Halloween and in fact, my sister will be married on Halloween next year!  I hope to one day have parties of my own like my sister and her friends have and to one day not be scared of the things that spook me.  I hope to amass an army of cosplay which i have already done starting with Chell, Link, Wii Fit trainer, and Kaiba is on the way!  I hope one day to watch a scary movie and just laugh other than Sharknado of course.
   What do i hope most?  That this time next year, this blog will be a big hit and people will be saying "o man Lea updated today did you read it?!"  Please help me make this a reality!!

    So I hope you guys enjoyed a bit about me!  Keep checking back all night as i post the others!!  Feel free to comment and i'll answer it in my next post!  Also, i'll be updating the Poll so vote on that too!  Because you guys were so awesome, i will be doing a livestream soon (probably over my next break) of me drawing a thing!