Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Back and Moving Forward

      2014 was a very...strange year.  It was by no means the worst year of my life, but there is a lot of irreparable damage that I'll have to clean up and rebuild this year.  I want to begin by looking back on some of the major things from 2014 and then discussing what is ahead.  So, month by month, here we are.








  • I realized that things are changing...
  • Christmas happened!
    • I got Alpha Sapphire and a burst of nostalgia
    • I got tons of new clothes and a physical copy of the Hyrule Historia and a book about Marvel.
    • Oh, and a new Phone ^^

     Now is when I have to look forward and realize that a lot is going to change.  In one year, I've made a huge transition, lost a few friends, and had to change quite a bit.  I have been increasingly struggling with my anxieties, causing more stress and tension.  Soon, more will change.  My pool of friends is going to shrink even further, however this time not due to fights but differing life paths--which just makes it harder to swallow.  My big sister is moving back into town, but my middle sister is also losing her best friend due to her career taking her from town, so big sister has to be both of our crutch as our lives change.  
       All of us have noticed something odd--a lot of people from many years ago are back.  Seth, my big sister, my sister's half-brother whom I played with as a kid and now play D&D with every week, etc.  So, as we are saying, It's simply Act 3, where the people from Act 1 reenter and those from Act 2 go backstage.  Will they return?  Probably, but not until Act 4...till then...the show must go on.  

"All the world’s a stage,/And all the men and women merely players;/They have their exits and their entrances,/And one man in his time plays many parts,"
-William Shakespeare, As You Like It Act II, Scene VII