Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas special concept art and a quick thought on TNBC

   Hello hello my lovely people.  Today was rather uneventful in most ways, soooooo i decided to post that concept art for the Christmas special.  In the past, i never used to do concept sketches and thus i hardly ever colored things out of fear of messing up!  For the longest time i was too scared to color my art, so many things, like the original Lea artwork, were left just shaded with a pencil.  Recently, i've tried to be bold and color more and, rather than drawing and erasing repeatedly, doing some concept art!  To see more, here's my Halloween special's concept art!  I never posted those final  Anyway, as i mentioned before, the cat.....had an accident on the art -_-  I have edited this for your discretion.  Because i didn't put down the lid so i could scan it it came out blurry.  Sorry!  The final picture will be posted around Christmas!  It's already 99% done so i'm not procrastinating i swear!
     This year, the theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas!  I debated for a while if this would be a Halloween, Christmas, or both, but finally decided simply for Christmas.  The Halloween still not done ;-;  Luckily i never do a New Years one aye?!?  I did use some random screenshots from the movie as reference for Lea/Sally's dress and Z/Jack's proportions as well as the landscape.  I have to say, it was very interesting to try to emulate the style of the movie, especially in Jack's case.  Dem legs.  Also, i normally don't draw the darker sort of things but let me tell you, i got carried away with patches!!!    I'll make other notes below the pictures!!
    Never watched TNBC?  I suggest it for people who like Tim-Burton-esque art, wonderful and touching music, and a strange twist for the Holidays,  As you all know, i have horrible anxiety and as a kid, i thought it was terrifying and yes it is till grotesque but way more funny and adorable than nightmare inducing.  I suggest that if you have anxiety like me, try watching with a friend you trust not to scare you or some family.  It's definitely worth it, if not just for the music alone.
This is the side that got messed up.  We have some failed attempts at hands, Jack's body, and Sally's face. I also tried to daw the curly hill.....tried being the key word.  Z reciting Shakespearean quotation and Sally's gift to Jack: Cola and the Lord of the Rings.  Pippin will be playing Zero this year and looks as though i lost my arm.  Woops.  

This year, i went for simple, only drawing myself, Z, Pablo, and Pippin, so here we have some fun with side characters!  Jaz, Myra, and Joellen are Lock, Shock, and Barrel respectively whereas the Mistress/Marie is Oogie Boogie!  Paul is the poorly drawn majot and Pablo is my little patchwork pin cushion!  I also sketched up some gifts we exchanged and tried to put Z in a beard.....never again.  Each patch on my dress was directly sketched from a picture so it should be 80% right ish.   I have to say, the color here turned out better than it did on the final one :( 

    Also, those of you here for some intellectual thinking, i have a little thing i noticed the last time i watched the movie a few months back.  If you notice, both Oogie Boogie and Sally are artificial creatures, both of which are sewn up and stuffed with something inside.  However, they are total opposites.
    First of all, Sally is Jack's love; timid, shy, and very sweet, she tries to save Jack from the end she sees insight for him.  She represents all that is good in Jack, sharing his curiosities at times and being a very brave little ragdoll in her attempt to save Santa single-handed!  She is stuffed with leaves, not all of which are dead and brown, but some still slightly green.  Sally is nature, kindness, and beauty itself wrapped up in a patchwork bow.  
    Boogie however, is the polar opposite.  Boogie is the antithesis to Jack but--as every good villain does--shares traits with the hero.  Both are cunning and quick, have a sense of humor (although twisted in Boogie's case) and have a dominion over which they rule: Jack as the glorious Pumpkin King and Boogie as the leader of Lock, Shock, and Barrel in his underground death trap.  (Not to mention both have a totally B.A. song)  Fittingly, the latter is filled with bugs, which i don't even have to explain what's up with that.  Boogie surrounds himself in a mechanized and artificial cave whereas, although Sally was created in a similar situation, she often escapes, finding herself out in the...interesting world of Halloween town.  She collects flowers, spends time out in the pumpkin patch (stalking Jack), and  doesn't want to be confined to her mechanized world.  Jack too, wishes to be free of the monotony of his life as king and there you have another connection between the two who finally find purpose in each other.
   In short, Boogie bad, Sally good!  But you didn't need me to tell you that did you?              
Sally filled with leaves

Boogie and his Bugs