Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kaiba (Updated)

    The first shows i can remember that wasn't a kid's show like Dora the Explorer or the Teletubbies
were Pokemon (which aired in 1998), Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball (in 1998 and 2000), and Yu-Gi-Oh (2001).  I talk a lot about Pokemon and you all have met Minori, my DBZ fancharacter, but i have failed to mention my immense love of Yu-Gi-Oh.  When i look back to my earliest memories, they generally include the death of Vegeta and all the Namek stuff, Ash getting Pikachu and wrecking Misty's bike, and Seto Kaiba ripping the 4th blue-eyes white dragon and that really creepy face he made when yugi beat him.
    As a kid, i collected Yu-Gi-Oh cards alongside the Pokemon cards i still have to this day.  The funny thing is, as i look back at my cards, i still can pull out my first 5 cards.  Where and when did i get these cards?  I have no idea.  I have no memory of getting 90% of all my trading cards and so i assume most of it was from my experiences at sports camp with the guys.  Looking back at them, i also realized what a moron i was and the gigantic number of fakes i have, but shockingly, a huge number of first editions as well.  Not worth a ton, nothing too special, but a fun novelty.  I also remember watching the show and accumulating a Kaiba-esque deck.  I only have 1 blue-eyes and a Japanese Blue-eyes Ultimate dragon but there were others i used instead.  I usually just went for the prettiest art honestly.  
    Sadly, Yu-Gi-Oh lost it's luster to me sometime during the era of Yu-Gi-Oh GX.  I gave it a shot and i think i have one or 2 elemental heroes (literally i think i have...3?), but since then, i haven't bought a single pack of cards and for a while, i even lost love for Pokemon at the beginning of Gen 5 but i'm back to buying Pokemon as you all know.  So, i figured today, i'd give my good boy Kaiba a bit of love.
    As a kid hanging around with Nick and the others i used to pretend.....(siiiggghhh) i had kids with Seto Kaiba.  THERE IT'S OFF MY CHEST!!!  Looking back, it's kind of weird really.  I loved Pokemon but i had no attraction to Ash whatsoever.  I always wanted him to be with Misty.  Vegeta and Goku too were very interesting to me and i loved them both but as i got older, i loved Vegeta's sass more and let Goku have his babies and all that shenanigans, settling for a brother figure for Minori.  Now, Yugi himself was NOTHING in my eyes.  The pharaoh was always catching my heart on occasion too, but one of my first memories is some episode of the show where Kaiba got a music montage carrying a briefcase into Kaiba corps for some weird reason.  Why?  What relevance did this episode have?  I have no idea, but i remember it!  I LOVED Kaiba.  He was a jerk, he was handsome, and he loved his little brother.  I have a thing for baddies ok?  (Loki...darth maul....Gaara....Wolverine kinda....DONT JUDGE ME!)
    Last night i had some weird dream reminiscent of the Yu-Gi-Oh movie which, to this day, i have never seen in entirety.  So you all know how much i've grown, as a kid, i was too scared of the mummies -_-  Seriously.  The the yu-gi-oh movie...yaaaa pathetic right?  That movie scared me so much i left the theater as a kid and to this day, keep the promo cards that were like, evil in the movie or whatever--seperate from the rest.  The dream had to do with Yugi and Kaiba dueling and both being drained as their cards were destroyed and all that which reminded me of my love.
     When i try to watch that series now, it makes me laugh at how bad it was.  I used to think it made total sense, that people had normal voice, and all that other childish wonder.  Have you guys HEARD TRISTAN'S VOICE???  It's horrible ;-;  I will give the show credit though that nothing ever dragged out too long.  I watched the episodes again recently, and in comparison to DBZ, this thing is faster than the Flash.  Seriously.
     I hope you all enjoyed this sappy flashback to the good ol' days!  I think i'll post my Pokemon and me part 3 sometime this coming week before Halloween soooo that should be fun.  That's all i have for today!  Bye guys!!  <3

my collection in its entirety.  Not a whole lot but you can see my holo Dark Magician card and summon skull which was always some of my favorites.  I loved Yugi's wizard crew and i have the female sorcerer somewhere in there.  I also have a lot of the harpy group based on Mai.

UPDATE:  Can i also add that this adorably sexy bugger loves orphans?  He wanted his theme park to
be free for orphans cause the poor sweetheart lost his parents you guys -_-  how do you honestly expect me not to want to hug this guy to death??  Look at the amount of cuteness here ---------->