Friday, September 13, 2013

Pokemon X and Y part 1: section 3 subsection 2?

   So today the choir took a trip to the University to practice for All State (the big choir thingy that you have to audition for).  We were divided by singing parts so i actually got to see the writer of Thief's wife Rahzel and Mate's fiance Koen as well as half the characters in that roleplay.  We also got free pizza, soda, and cookies so i can't complain.
   The real news is that the world hates me.  THE DAY AFTER I POST THIS, I SEE THIS VIDEO!!!
What thoughts do i have on this?  Well, mainly there's not a lot new except names and such.  However, i really like the lioness form of pyroar and i really like it.  Like i said in the last post, i'm loving the gender differences so i'll be sure to get a pride of pyroar!  Also, i like that the poodle's name is similar to frufru meaning fancy and elaborate.  I really LOVE some of those clothing designs for the avatars and can't WAIT to make myself a closet.  Maybe we'll actually need to visit home to change clothes?  Maybe we can get a home?  Otherwise how will we carry all our snazzy outfits?  (unless you subscribe to the "everything is in a pokeball" theory)  Finally, loving the baddie designs except...the guy........kinda scares me.  I don't know ut i really like the girls.  The sort of remind me of Team Galaxy in a way.  Can't wait to find out more about them.  Soooooo that's FINALLY it guys.  I'll maybe get the hopes post up on....Sunday?  We'll see!!  See you guys later!!!!  <3

P.S. In case you didn't know, i did update yesterday's X and Y post later in the night so do check back if you didn't see it!!