Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quick X and Y thoughts

   This isnt a review but just a few points i'd like to discuss.  I take back what i said about the 3D.  Although i still think some pokemon look really weird, it is pretty cool.  The character customization is off the hook guys, it's fantastic, albeit expensive.  Also, it's kind of nice to see a lot of the old pokemon but i'd have liked there to be more new ones.  Next up, DAT FRICKIN MUSIC!!!!  As of Pokemon amie, it's fun but fickle.  You have to hold the ds just right to do the making faces feature.  Also, there's a lot of love for Pikachu seeing as he always says basically his name and i just thought it was cute and funny.  I do feel though that the routes are shorter and i've only run into one fairy type, flabebe, so far.  Maybe it'll get better as i go.  I just wanted you guys to know i am in fact alive.  That's all for today!  Night!  <3