Wednesday, October 30, 2013


    The wind outside sounds like a freakin demon "wooooooooooooooo' or a dude having a hell of a party......
     Hello hello everyone!  Those polls to the right close in 8 hours so i suggest you vote now!  Tomorrow is the spoopiest day of the year everyone!  But don't worry.  This blog is a no-scare zone.  I'll tell you a bit about my past with Halloween and hopefully a bit about myself as i go along.  I'll also maybe direct you to some not-so-scary game reviews of scary games that helped me to over come a lot of my fears of things like my slendy-kins here.  I will maybe discuss my favorite candies, my favorite costumes, and maybe some other stuff i think of.  Heck, i might do some night bloggin as i stay up to give out candy to the little ones.  Oh how i miss the days of trick-or-treating (last year).
     For today there isn't much to say except i have this weird feeling that it isn't very...festive.  Generally our school has a trunk-or-treat festival and people are generally very hyped up, but it seems this year we've lost the spirit of halloween...Maybe i can bring back some All Hallow's Eve cheer!
     See you all tomorrow!