Friday, October 4, 2013

Homecoming Day 5: Red and Blue (the end!)

       All good things must come to an end.  Sadly, some must come to a rather pale end.  I have always hated how Spirit Week, a week of fun outfits and extravagant outfits, ends on such a bland note as "red and blue."  I was never one for school spirit up until last year when i finally decided to show a bit of enthusiasm seeing as it's almost the end of my school life (ignoring the death pit that is college).  Don't get me wrong, i like my school.  Both my sisters and parents went to the very same school and my mom taught here before i was born and again now.  I like the teachers (99% at least...) and i like the school 
itself most of the time, however, i don't have a lot of red and blue clothes.  Red is my favorite color but i've never had much red in actuality.  Plus, we go from 2 days in a row of cosplay to a simple color scheme.  A few kids paint their faces or wear their cheer and football uniforms etc. but not me.  I just wear red and blue clothes.  Bleh.  Although, my braces are alternating blue and red for my senior pics and such.
    Just my boring choir shirt and a blue thingy with jeans and black shoes seeing as my red ones hurt my feet too badly.  Eh.  Ranting aside let's talk about something else.  How schedule?  Tomorrow at 11:30ish and again at 2:30 I have solo and ensemble, where I will be presenting my song Allersellen by Strauss (the one I messed up horribly yesterday) and as part of swing, I’ll be singing Soon-a-will-be-done by someone or other.  This means my post will most likely be a bit later.  Maybe I could talk a bit about music and my life hm?  A small departure from my regular video game related jabber.  I’ll also let my Spelunky videos load onto Youtube.  My videos are not listed but the links and the videos themselves will be here.  I filmed 3, each around 10 minutes each.  So, maybe I’ll post one each day? 
Sunday I hope to do my Pokemon post.  I am debating whether to talk about leaked information….  A few stores sold X and Y early so a few people have leaked information and pics but I will specifically label those if I do address them and will link to pictures rather than posting them here so you can avoid them.  Aren’t I a doll?  Moving on, next Thursday through Monday I will be off of school and I also might be joining a Dodgeball team at my school!!!  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I actually LOVE Dodgeball.  It’s my favorite P.E. game and one of my favorite movies!  So…fun stuff ahead. 
    As of playing X, I will be trying to get through White 2 1st but once I have X, I will in fact give a synopsis on what I see.  Heck, I might do a play through video!  I have added that as an option to the poll!!  Speaking of the polls, please vote everyone! 
    That’s it guys!  Thank you for your continued patronage to my site and I love you all!  <3 Bye now!!