Saturday, October 19, 2013

I'm so boring

   Sorry for the lack of content recently.  This week has been beyond hectic and i'm trying to just play some pokemon and wind down but of course i'm stuck XD.  I guess i'll give you some more thoughts.
   First of all, if you don't already know about the Lumiose city glitch, don't save in the streets of Lumiose city because it causes a game breaking glitch, causing you to restart.  IF you have this glitch, i've seen one person say to press the home button until it works and try to load it again.  Seeing the Lumiose is like...the main hub city representing Paris, this is a pretty big glitch and it's kind of disappointing.  I'm just glad i found that out before i made the mistake myself.  Next, i have to say i kind of feel overwhelmed by the Pokedex.  I heard people saying it's the largest yet and i was really hoping to have an attainable goal this time.  I love seeing a lot of the old pokemon, but i really wish there had been more than the 70 or so Pokemon they've introduced.  I also would really like more explination on new featurs like O-Power and the PSS system.  Maybe i just need to put more time into the game, but i seem at a loss.  Also, i understand that it's supposed to be Frnace, but doesn't everything have to be SO EXPENSIVE!?!?  It seems like there is just not enough money for potions, pokeballs, the daycare, furfrou styling, AND character customization!  I wish there was a sort of bank feature or something that could help save money or something.  I've basically spent the day grinding, going against every trainer to get as much money as i can.  This is super dissapointing to me.  The whole game feels like i'm missing something, like it's lacking context.  I don't know, maybe it's just me.
     Finally, im a bit confused.  So many pokemon have overworld sprites, especially furfrou, but your pokemon can't follow you?  I have a few theories as to why.  1.) hardware limitations (unlikely)  2.) pokemon size differences such as flabebe only being 4 inches in height  3.) camera issues.  At times, the camera follows you weirdly, especially in Lumiose.  The nice thing is, you can hold a direction on the d-pad to adjust the camera.  I'm hoping that's why and not just because they didn't think about it.
     Anyway, that's it for today guys!  Tomorrow, i'll be working on my costume for Halloween i think so maybe i'll post pictures as i go.  Vote on the polls and all that good stuff!  Bye!  <3