Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Un-fundamentals UPDATED

      Ah history tests  How you strike fear and yet relief into my heart.  I've never really had much trouble with history tests, seeing as they come to me pretty easily thanks to my epic teacher so this morning test was a sort of breeze so to speak.  Doesn't mean i don't worry though.
      However, next up was math.  In Calculus BC, (not as in the time period, mind you) we have reached the Fundamental theorems of Calculus.  We took our notes, did our work, yada yada, until our teacher said "don't expect to have time to do your homework in class on Tuesday because we'll be doing some activities" to which Connor, who sits next to me, and i instantly reacted.  "By activity do you mean a fun thing or one of those things teachers call an activity that actually crushers your hopes and dreams?"  I asked.  Connor added "Can you please use air-quotes if it's the lie kind?"  This led into a huge conversation about having a party.  Stephanie (yup, same one) suggested we write dy/dx on all the balloons and pretend it's math.  The teacher laughed and tried to steer us back to the subject.  "So, back to the fundamental theorems..." to which i instantly replied without a moment of though "it's even got fun in the name!!"  Everyone laughed until the teacher said "well, it's also got mental" to which there was a ridiculous mount of laughter.
We all know these are the best
      A bit later some other conversation about the party happened at which point we finally got back on topic.  At one point, i said something along the lines of having the party and planting the seeds of the idea in our teacher's head although Connor doubted me.  In that last 30 minutes (or was it 20?) we were drawing close to lunch and my stomach was growling like an Nazgul with some chick in the way of it and it's prey.  "I could go for a snack" i stated, slouching back.  The teacher looked up quickly.  "Snacks?  Do you guys need snacks?" to which we all nodded quickly.  "All i have is sugar!"  
    That my friends, is how you end up getting Dum-Dum's in Calculus.  Yuuummmm.  Aside from that, my day was average.  Some of you accidentally saw my unfinished X and Y hopes post that i published instead of saving. If you did...pretend you didn't.  The post is turning out to be a whopper not even including all the pictures so that'll be up...sometime.  So, for now, vote, share, etc and i'll see you all tomorrow!!!